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The environment is very good and most of the teachers are extremely helpful, however I believe that the student body could prosper more if there were more opportunities to do so. This meaning that students have the chances needed to create the change they want, such as meeting with teachers when needed or doing extra work.
Jacksonville High School was a great place to spend my last four years before continuing my education further at a college. I wish that the teachers worked harder to prepare me for college readiness. The school itself needs updates and so do the facilities inside the building.
They just open a new branch for there high school students, which is very good. The teachers are very interactive and know what they are talking about. The big factor is it is in a small town you are more involved and get connected with everyone, while it is in a small town so you don't have that much resources.
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Jacksonville High School prepared me for what was to come in college and helped me grow into a bigger and more mature person.
I transferred to Jacksonville High School this year and I honestly have to say that my experience here has not been pleasant. Some of my teachers are very good and I'm glad to be in their classes, but the majority of administration here is awful. The school environment is terrible; disrespect from both students and administration. There are a ton of ridiculous rules and it feels like administration is trying to find ways to get students in trouble. The lunches are decent. This school will not prepare you for college, I feel like I'm back in grade school here. The environment at my old school was much more mature and professional; teachers and staff treated students with respect and, in turn, received mutual respect from students. Overall, a very bad school.
Jacksonville High School is overall a good school. The teachers take the time to make sure that you do the best you can and the school itself offers many clubs and resources to make you feel welcomed.
I would like to see the safety change, a lot of fights occur and so does bullying. The teachers are wonderful, some of them do not provide after school help. The food has gotten worse and so has the counselors. The school nurse is amazing and so is the school officer. The athletics are somewhat good and so is the marching band. The band gets very little funding. Athletics and cheer/poms gets most of the funding.
Jacksonville High School was a good place to go to school. Although there were some fights, and a lot of pregnant teens when I attended, they did offer a lot of advance classes and the teachers truly cared about you.
It was an overall bad experience with ridiculous rules and a lot of teachers that doesn't care. Some good, a lot of bad.
I hated every second I was at this school. the classes sucked. only good part was the ag program and the auto.
While I attended JHS, the building was always well maintained. The worst part about the building itself was that there were a lot of leaks in the ceiling but the building is old so that is to be expected. Being all one story, it's easy to get around and the layout is straightforward. All the teachers I had were eager for you to succeed and do the best that you can. The AP courses I took were well planned and prepared me for the exam and and college. The food is any school food. A lot of salt, not a lot of variety, and decent taste. Getting involved in activities is easy and a lot of fun when taking an active part in them. Could JHS be better? Yes. Could it be worse? It could be way worse.
I like that there are various electives, sports, and clubs to be involved in. The student services office is very helpful.
I only attended Jacksonville High School my senior year as a transfer from another High School, but I loved being there. The education was not as strong as my old school, but the family that the society created was something I had never experienced before.
I enjoyed getting my education. THe food is awful and not accommodating to a vegetarian. The teachers sometimes care and the bathrooms are always gross.
Many levels of courses are offered including advanced placement courses. Advanced placement courses have only been offered here for a few years so far but the amount offered continues to grow each year.
Which have a huge range of diversity in the students at JHS. There is a large group of kids from the Congo who come here. Most of them speak French as their primary language. There is also a reletively big group of Hispanics as well. JHS also has an active GAP program which allows for many foreign exchange students to come study here while visiting America. JHS usually have a handful of foreign exchange students who stay for an extended period of time (either a semester or year) which also for many friendships to be many. These students come from all areas of the world including Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands, France, Chile, Italy, etc. During the fall the GAP program hosts a larger group of students from Getmany who come and stay in for a couple of weeks. Around summer time students from JHS can also choose to visit Germany for a couple of weeks as well.
I've personally never felt unsafe at school before. However, in past years there have been many physical fights in the halls and around the school but I never knew those people personally so it had little affect on me. The fights were always immediately broken up and further action was then taken. Other than that I don't think there are any other concerns
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There is club for just about every school subject so one would be bound to at least find one interesting. It is easy to be apart of many different clubs and there are several different leadership positions for each club. Clubs such as Student Government take control of different events like homecoming, blood drives, and more. There are clubs put together specifically for volunteering like Interact Club and Key Club but the majority of the clubs offer volunteer opportunities like Science Club and Student Government. In past years there have been students who have initiated their owns clubs if they were interested in one that did not already exist. A lot of the sports teams get involved as well. The dance team volunteers a lot with younger kids and just about every sport offers camps for elementary students to attend. Overall great variety of different clubs and extracurriculars.
I think the amount of clubs and extracurriculars offered is exceptional. One of the most unique clubs at JHS that I am honored to be apart of is the REF (role models encouraging freshmen) program. Through this program, selective sophomores and upperclassmen volunteer their time to lead freshmen advisory all school year. The REFs help the freshmen adjust to their new high school environment and maintain lessons during the advisory period each day on various subjects. Each REF must go through a REF training program which set standards for everyone in the program and teaches them everything they need to know on how to be a good role model for the freshmen. This program really helps freshmen feel comfortable and provides them with a helping hand.
It really depends on what classes you take. During my my high school career, it was and is important to me to take honors and advanced placement classes to better prepare myself for a high education. In these classes I found that the teachers were more dedicated and thoughtful in their teaching process. I had many of my teachers reach out to me when they noticed me struggling or even just having an off day. However, this is not the case for all of the teachers. In most of my elective classes it seems like the teachers are just there doing the very minimum of work possible for each day. There is not very much elaboration on the lessons and the assignments are never very challenging. These are usually classes that most students take just to add in some extra credits or fill up there schedule so I guess it's not as bad as it could be. For me, I think that the teachers I've had in the classes that really matter to me and my future are the ones whose teachers tend go beyond the minimum which is great.
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