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Jacksonville is undergoing many changes which can be hard sometimes. Overall, the school has adapted to many situations and continue to grow on change
Jacksonville High School is a good school there just needs to be a few changes. There are a few teachers that need to learn different ways to teach to appeal to classes more.
How loved how diverse the student population was, just wish the students had more school spirit. I also wish the school would've done a better job getting me prepared for college.
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For it to be as old as a building as it was, it really isn't that bad. Like any public school in this economy, a few things could have been better but overall i was happy.
I had a pretty good experience at Jacksonville High School. I wasn't expecting to go this high school but when I did I was shown a world of new experience and had been offered many types of opportunities that helped me further myself for my future m
During my time at this high school. I was able to receive good friends that were able to keep a secret then I was able to see what people and their reason/personality to share those secrets with the whole school. I was able to see that some students wasn't getting the time of understanding of what they had to do. The teachers at this school well some of them they do not care if you pass or fail. You have to look after yourself if you wish to graduate.
Jacksonville is up and coming. I can see how in the future it will be fantastic and receive many sets of five stars, it's just not there yet.
The school didn’t do a great job of getting me prepared for higher education. I can’t really think of any positives I had going to this school.
Jacksonville High school is where I currently attend and have been attending for four years now. Jacksonville High school has good teachers but several factors about the safety, food, and how certain rules apply overshadows the little good about old Jacksonville High.
Jacksonville High School is certainly on the lower end of schools, they are extremely poor, under staffed, and have almost no resources except for chromebooks. I have met a hand full of respesctable staff members, but most of the student body seem like they don't have a care in the world about themselves or others. There has also been waves of changes to the school but most are having a backslash and are not being addressed because of this the few respectable staff members are starting to leave in droves.

This highschool may be bad but when asked of to other students they mention that others schools however have a bullying problem which at least this high school does not have. So there's that.
It's a good school with really great teachers, who actually care about their students' education. There really isn't a good system of safety, especially after all of these school shootings this year. It is very easy to get onto campus and get into the corridors where the kids are. Everybody there is really nice and friendly and I love all of my teachers and the administration team
I love that our school is located in a military town. I get to encounter a lot of different ethnic backgrounds which in turns make school very interesting. We are in the process of building a much needed new high school. Which will improve things greatly. Unfortunately I will not partake. It is scheduled to open in late 2019.
Jecksonville high is so great school. I love that school. Jacksonville high school's teachers and counsellors are so supportive to students. Other students in jacksonville high school are so friendly and they are also supports me in my study because I'm little-bit weak in English.
I came to Jacksonville High School at the end of last year and my grades have improved a lot i have been on honor roll and improving my GPA i am currently accepted into Arkansas Tech n would love to go there to pursue my nursing career
They Are An Alright School. We Have Some Good Teachers That Love It There And Some Don’t They Still Try To Teach Though.
Jacksonville High School is overall a nice school but it is crowded and needs to expand. Since we merged with another school, it is harder to get around. Another issue is the lunch. The food is horrible and unsatisfactory to the point where I skip lunch most days. The teachers are nice and care about your progression and have helped me to obtain the knowledge I need to have before I graduate.
I started off my high school years at North Pulaski High School but changed to Jacksonville High School after the schools combined due to Jacksonville receiving its own school district. Jacksonville High School was nothing like my experience at North Pulaski. I was so involved at North Pulaski and the teachers and staff actually took the time to get to know their students. However, Jacksonville was way different. Although they have programs to prepare me for college, they did not have much of a student-teacher relationship.
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Jacksonville high school has been a good school. my experience was good. everything was good. I don't really have any problems with the school. there is a great choral music and drama program.
Jacksonville has always been known for being the ghetto, broke school, however last year it became its own district. The school and district alone is far from being where it needs to be, but with new teachers and staff that have the determination, I believe in future years this will be a great school. The teachers work hard and are focused on students learning the material. Although we are currently being taught in a poor learning environment due to the schools outdated facility's, the new building of Jacksonville High School in 2020 will bring great opportunities and better learnings to future students.
Due to the wide range of diversity, many friendships are made from the different races to religions, and genders, making the school welcoming to all. Personally, it took me time to find where I fit in best at JHS, but once you find your "group" it makes the days a little easier and the year a little faster.
Jacksonville High is a good school. They have improved alot through out the year. They also have more club and activities for students
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