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I attended jacksonville high school from 7th grade to 11th grade. I will be a senior this year but i have chosen to go online because the students in my grade are kind of rude and distracting but everything else about the school is amazing. The teachers and principals are very helpful and understanding. The food is kind of gross but it is manageable. You only have 4 minutes between classes to go to your locker and use the bathroom. my only problem with the teachers is some wont let you go to the bathroom during class and last year i got several UTIs due to this fact.
Jacksonville High School has a great education program and has challenging classes for students. Teachers push their students to get good grades and also gets them college ready. I would like to see that teachers care more about their students in the future. A healthy student-teacher relationship can help the student learn more and gives them an adult figure to trust.
I've went to Jacksonville High School since 7th grade and everything has always been done pretty efficiently. We have the most up to date education and lesson plans compared to other schools in the area. Our sport teams and fine art programs are very successful, but must I say the fine arts department deserves more funds than what is given. The faculty and staff are friendly and are very informative. A downside to some teachers is that some do not teach efficiently on some areas of their lesson plans. You have some teachers that are very spot on with what they are teaching and some you can tell are flying by the seat of their pants. From a personal standpoint, some parts of my academic performance were poor compared to other subjects because of how a teacher taught a lesson or wrote out their tests. Overrall, Jacksonville High is one of the more nicer schools in the area when it comes to academics and sports.
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The teachers always made sure you understood everything. They were very personable and made sure their students were taken care of.
great school, only there for a year. the teachers were very nice. the lunches were good. lots of diversity.
I have a good experience at the school. I like the school for it's extracuricular activites. i think what should change is a new tardy policy.
I love the structure and diversity of Jacksonville. Everyone is friendly and ready to help you with anything.
I loved how the teachers are very easy to talk to, and make you feel like you belong there. I also love how you feel safe with locks on every door, and cameras through the hallways. If I had to change anything I would make our school only for ninth through twelfth.
I loved my time at Jacksonville High School. The teachers are always willing to help students that are struggling either in their classes or had problems going on at home. The school is clean and those working in the lunchroom made sure everyone was fed. The courses are set as if they are in a college style to ensure that all students are ready once they graduate.
What I love most about Jacksonville High School is that majority of the teachers are extremely supportive and allow you to express yourself. Not only are they there to educate you but they are also there to give advice and life lessons whenever you need it. Many students, including myself, have relied on our teahchers, faculty, and staff to be a support system and to have someone who believes in them and I couldn’t be more proud to say that I have successfully experienced this at Jacksonville High School! A change I would like to see happen is how they do semester exams. I would like Jacksonville High School to consider making semester exams exempt to students who have an 85 or higher average in the course that they are taking because it is not fair to the students who are passing the class to still have to take the exam.
Jacksonville High School was a very diverse and friendly school. The faculty that the school had are very helpful to the students and are always there when you need something or someone. The school was a college ready school to help you work your way up to the college learning style.
Jacksonville is an awesome school. I've attended JHS for six years. There are so many different opportunities for students. The teachers push you so hard to be the best version of yourself they know you can be. They are helpful. Personally I have learned so many new things through the help of my teachers. There is a lot of one on one connection with teacher and student and that's such an important factor in a school system and Jacksonville High school has that.
I liked the fact that they were all about excelling and trying to get as much college credit as possible. If I could change one thing I think I would change the concept of learning a little bit more about the hardships of life.
As a graduating senior of Jacksonville High School, I can attest to the high standards and expectations of this high school. The teachers are wonderful and the administration really cares about the families within the school district. As for changes, I would like to see the high school continue to step up its academics program and outlet for extracurricular activity.
My high school experience was really good. I was given the opportunity to take higher level classes and even college courses. I took my first college class in 11th grade! The school offers AP courses to students so they can excel in their future. The teacher are very willing to work with students and to help them if they are struggling.
The teacher at Jacksonville High School are are great teachers!
very fun and outgoing extracurricular activities
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they make school fun. and not so strict.
Every school is not perfect, and every school will need to improve in some areas. But overall, this school is great.
I would always choose Jacksonville High School. Yes, we have strict dress codes and codes of conduct but, the students that graduate from here excel in most things they do.
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