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I have been going to JCA for 4 years, I have liked my experience here. I have played on the Varsity Soccer team for 3 years and have had a blast, we won our conference two years in a row and my senior season we went to nationals and won hat as well. the school is a safe environment and has rules that are set into place to keep everyone safe. we have a gated building and you can only enter the building when the office worker buzzes you in. The school does not serve lunch, but offers a list of restaurants to order from that cater to our school. there are also some unnecessary rules aswell, we can only wear a hoodie/jacket if it is white, yellow, or royal blue. we are not allowed to have facial hair. we cannot have hair over the length of an inch for boys, or any type of designs in your haircut.
JCA is a loving school that prepares young Christian leaders. We are considered a larger private/Christian school. Although funds are limited, the time teachers invest in their students makes up for it. I hope to see it flourish in years to come!
You experience a wonderful Christian school with teachers who love you and work with you and help you with your walk with God.
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I cannot imagine a better education than the one I have received at Jacksonville Christian Academy. All of it back up with solid Christian teaching. I am so glad my parents made a decision along time ago to send me to JCA. I wouldn't change a thing. Great school, staff, and students!!
JCA is a good school. This is my Senior year. The teachers care about the students and make sure academics are taught but also the tools for a Christian walk. The school offers a good choice of sports programs. aviation, drama, as well as your base classes. Science could be better with more hands on in the classroom. The computer lab is nice. I am proud to be called a student of JCA.
I enjoy attending JCA. The teachers and staff create a great christian environment. The academics are not as advanced as I would like, but the teachers are amazing and always willing to help.
I have been going to this school since middle school. The faculty has always been kind, as well as have always set a good Christian example for students to follow. We have a chapel meeting every week and occasionally have speakers. They even have an aviation class! They inspired me to start my private pilot license training. Great school.
Not a lot of prepping for college or a guidance counselor .
I sent my children here because of the strong Christian teachings. There are a lot of areas as far as educating on a worldly level that they lack but overall it is a great school and I would recommend them to anyone who loves The Lord and wants their children in that type of environment daily.
They do have field trips
I like the fact that they have high standards for our children
They do have a nice security system here.
Over the years just as in any other schools, there are some teachers that only do what they have to, no more, no less. But there are some very caring and dedicated teachers here also.
As an active student, the staff is great! Once graduated, you're almost forgotten.
The building is great! They need more technology and lab resources.
You are made to feel like part of the family until you child graduates. Then it seems like you are forgotten unless you attend church there.
Sports is a big portion of having well-rounded students.
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They are very pro active against bullying. It is not tolerated period.
The teachers truly have a calling to help the students be better citizens, students, and Christians.
The building is in good shape. Computers is offered to middle and high school students. The guidance counselor is the high school principal and several college prep classes are offered. Tutoring is available by the teachers. We have a PTF group and parent invovlement is good. We provide no busing to and from school but do for field trips and sporting events.
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