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What I like about Jackson high School is that everybody is friendly put the kids that have to use the crosswalk have to wait and they people driving make the kids wait
I have attended a few different schools and Jackson Senior High continues to be the best school I have been enrolled in. My teachers are always willing to help and treat the students kindly.
Jackson isn't just a high school, but some place where students can find a great education and amazing peers to help them through tough times. JHS is amazing with their education program but also really great in their athletic department as well.
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This school has an amazing program all around. It offers amazing programs in academics, sports, and school activities.
I loved that the school had a safe environment and the teachers cared about the students. The teachers would nag until the student would increase their grade which in all reality is an handy trick to have. This school district encourages high grades and they do this by allowing the students with a 73 or higher in all of their classes. They also promoted sports and had great sports teams. They also helped those students who were struggling in some of their classes and they encouraged tutoring an staying after school to receive help from those who were willing to help. So I can happily say my experience with Jackson Senior High School was an overall enjoyable time of my life where I met new people and made lifelong friendships.
I like how they are a tight community. There are clubs available for all types of interest. I would like to see better food options, and more teacher involvement and more structure for students.
This school creates a very positive atmosphere with its clubs, teachers, and administration. In my opinion, this school is one of the best compared to some of the other surrounding schools.
I enjoyed my experience at Jackson High School. I was very involved in many activities and clubs. I believe my involvement in clubs and sports is what made my experience so wonderful. I constantly had things to do and I was able to support my school through these things.
I had so much fun at my high school over the years especially Jcrue! Everyone is so friendly especially the staff. I also was able to participate in college courses to get me prepared to go to Maryville University.
I liked how everyone just kind of does their own thing. There isn't really anything I would change about Jackson Senior High School. All around a good school. I went to a highly rated Catholic high school and honestly the education at Jackson was/is better.
We have not had a problem at Jackson. Our children have been treated fairly in class and at events.
Most of the teachers were very kind. They were always willing to help students in their free time. The students there were also very friendly and most of the time most of us got along.
I have had a great experience at Jackson High School. It is a large school, but still has the feeling of a small town.
I love going to Jackson Senior High ! the teachers are extraordinary, as well as other staff. The school dedicates its time to the students to help them achieve a brighter future, and be ready for the real world.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Jackson Senior High School and have thrived as a student here. My only concern is that I am not the average student and if I were, I may not have done as well. I was involved in nearly 10 clubs and worked very hard to maintain my grades and did not require much help from teachers. I worry that if I did need help, the class sizes would be too large for every student to get the aid they deserve and some students would fall through the cracks.
Large school in a small town. Excellent education lots of opportunities to learn. Great community involvement at sporting events.
At Jackson Highschool was very inviting to me when I moved there! My intelligence was challenged and it pushed me to do very well! And now I am off to college and am excited to go!
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Jackson Senior High School was a good school to attend. There were set rules and guidelines that students were expected to follow and consequences for not following them. The teachers wanted the students to succeed and did what was necessary in order to help them. Many resources were offered in order to get help in classes from peers and teachers.
I love how easily you can view so many scholarships. It's user-friendly and easy to use. You give niche all your relevant information and it will match you with every scholarship you are eligible for.
It is a good place to learn. It is a good athletics school. The teachers are nice. The lunch is good. Everything is good at Jackson senior high school.
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