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Jackson Preparatory School Reviews

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I enjoyed the friendly environment that was there along with the importance of academics that all students have. It is a great school where all of the students are fully committed and involved. I think that for change, the only change that I would say is to have a much more diverse group, but other than that, it is a perfect school that I am happy and pleased to be in.
I loved going to junior high/high school at Jackson Prep! I made great memories and learned so much from all of my teachers.
I came to this school my junior year and it was a difficult transition but the staff was very willing to work with me and provide me with the educational needs I lacked. Highly recommend starting this school in the lower grades to benefit the most out of the educational plans and developments they offer. As for the sports side I believe they have gotten rid of the coaches who lacked coaching abilities/ working well with their athletes.
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I came to Jackson Prep after my sophomore year because I wanted a challenge. Not only has Jackson Prep prepared me for college but it has also helped me discover my true passions and helped me realize that I can achieve my dreams!
This School and everything about the administration and the people working there in all buildings are the worst.
Amazing teachers, Amazing Academics. The board and all supervisors are what make this school terrible. The principal of this junior high is the most rude person you will ever meet.
Jackson Prep is the best school that I have ever heard of. The teachers actually care about you and what you to succeed in life. They are hard, yes, but they want to make sure that college does not scare you.
What drew me towards choosing to attend Jackson Prep was the inviting atmosphere. Here, I feel welcome and everyone's kindness has made last seven years here irreplaceable. I feel that I have had the best schooling experience here at Jackson Prep.
I remember driving by Jackson Prep many times, and each time I wondered what it would be like to actually be able to attend it. Eventually, I made it my goal to transfer there for my remaining years of high school. After my sophomore year in high school, I was able to convince my parents that Jackson Prep would be a perfect fit for me. The best part about this school was the academics. I always felt as if I challenged by all of my teachers, which pushed me to do my best. If I was ever in need of help, my teachers were always ready to give me that extra push. We had access to incredible technological tools and resources that you would not find anywhere else. Along with those luxuries, we were served good quality food. This is something that many children in other schools complain about, but we never had to be concerned about what we were eating. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience.
This school as taught me the value of pursuing excellence in all aspects of my life. I am forever grateful I had the opportunity to go here.
Jackson Prep has a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities to suit the interest of every student.
I love Prep because it has pushed me to pursue my goals and make the best of my education.
Most teachers are very helpful, but some teachers are not.
There are many opportunities for extracurriculars at this school such as FTC and FLL robotics along with Junior Classical League and many more. Also, clubs can be started by interested students as long as they have enough members and have a teacher who is willing to advise the club.
I love this school the school gives its students a free period in which kids are allowed to do homework, go buy food, or just hang out with friends. I think this shows the amount of trust and respect this school has for its students.
The teachers at this school are great they are open to tutor help you before or after school if needed and they are really invested in their students success.
There are lots of different extracurriculars to choose from.
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I always feel safe on campus. Security is very important on our campus. Sadly, some people are bullied. We don't have a school nurse or health programs.
I wish I could have taken a few elective courses that were not offered.
Teachers are great. They are all knowledgeable about their subjects.
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