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My experience at JPEC was an interesting one. The school is very focused on a students academic future. They try to have students entering college classes as soon as possible. Despite this they also make sure the student is ready to enter a college class. If the student is behaving in a manner the shows they aren't ready for college they hold off on having the student start college classes. This does not mean that a student has to be mature to start college classes they just have to want to start college classes. The student has to be responsible for their own work and will not be coddled by the teachers. Overall the school could use some work (the main issues being communication and the traditional high school experiences) but for getting a college degree alongside a high school diploma it is a good option.
JPEC is an incredible school. The school allowed me to excel in to college courses and finish all of my high school schools within then first two trimesters of ninth grade.
I really like the way that JPEC teaches and the way the teachers develop a friendly relationship with students.
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I absolutely love Jackson Preparatory and Early College. My favorite part about JPEC is that students have the opportunity, to take college courses and graduate with an Associate Degree. There are a lot of clubs and activities that students can join or do. One thing that I would like to see change would be the languages that they offer for students to learn.
The school was more or less a good transition place before college. I would like to see the school be more open-minded and attracting place where students can enjoy their time in high school. If the place is more welcoming and diversified, I believe things will change.
Jackson Preparatory & Early College (JPEC) is a school that promotes excellence through the early college model. It allows students as early as freshmen to become dual enrolled in college courses at Jackson College, where the school is located, as well as attend classes at the Jackson Area Career Center.
Academics are centered around a Mastery Scale, only allowing students to advance if they had demonstrated a proficient understanding, and allowing opportunities for advancement for those who demonstrate subject matter mastery and beyond. This leaves students beyond ready for college courses and life beyond, creating mature and responsible young adults.
There is a great amount of diversity in both students and staff. This has created a great amount of understanding for diverse situations, and creating a friendly school community, with an immense amount of school spirit. I love JPEC, and though a new school, there is so much room for growth in an already outstanding program.
JPEC provides and atmosphere unparalleled by other schools in the area. It provides a supportive environment that is very beneficial for growth. Through my 3 (going on 4) years at the school I have learned many things. One of the most important being: someone is always willing to help you succeed. My favorite thing about JPEC is the community; each and every person is valued for their individual strength and no one is left out. At JPEC diversity is celebrated and everyone brings something valuable to the table. I feel that JPEC is successfully preparing me for my future. I am advanced compared to my non-falcon peers because of the head start JPEC gives students. This is my second year being a dual enrolled student and I feel very confident in my ability to apply knowledge in an acedemic environment. JPEC teaches students how to be independent which is a very sought after skill in this day and age. I love JPEC and I will continue to recommend it to friends.
When the school first opened, I was really excited to get started and meet new people and gain some great experiences. I've been at the school three now, and all of this has happened, and it's hard to imagine myself in another school. It gives the students an amazing and exclusive look into college life and provides us with the amazing opportunity of taking college classes at a younger age. At the same time, not everyone is ready for this. Additionally, I would say that the communication and the structure could improve in the years to come. But, the administration, teachers, and students are all nice and willing to help and I think that this, amongst other things, is what's special about this school.
While JPEC was good in the beginning, the school began making many unnecessary changes to the credit lists and the way the school was run in general. School choices should not have been left up to the student population and that was happening. The school is very at your own pace and sometimes structure is needed to motivate a student. While going to college as a dual enrolled student is nice, they put almost too much force on getting you into the college setting too early on. People may end up having regrets if they don't enjoy the four years before entering the real world. Lastly, behavior was a big issue with proper disciplinary actions not being taken. There was no set student teacher relationship, it was more friend relationships.
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