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Jackson-Olin High School Reviews

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Love the school just need them to focus more on the ACT test and other test for the students need to bring in more people to help the kids so scores can go up
I like the sports at Jackson Olin High School I just wish we had more support with our athletic Dept and had more coaches that would put the kids out more for scholarships.
J.O. overall is an okay school, thanks to the students and administrators. Con- Not only are the students full of drama, so is the Teachers. Pro- when it is time to have fun J.O. Knows how to have a fun, but maybe it could be a little better with recommendations from the students. But, if you were to compare J.O. to any other Birmingham City School than it is definitely average.
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The thing I like most about Jackson Olin High school is the teachers and sports. I played on the Jackson olin high school girls volleyball and basketball team. The coaches made sure every athlete were involved no matter the skill level. I think because of this the teams were really good because everyone depended on each other. All of my teachers for my senior year made sure no student were left behind. If a student needed help they wanted to help.
My overall experience at this school was great. I learned a lot and was very prepared for college. The teachers I had cared about me and my education. They made sure I stayed on the right track and I graduated with honors.
The teachers are not enthusiastic about teaching seems as if they just want a paycheck.I would like to see more from the teachers and students.
Jackson-Olin staff want to see u succeed and they will do anything they can to make sure that happens. I would like to see resources improve
My experience here when I first came to Jackson Olin was quite hard I felt like i was out of place because I’m used to more diversity and Jackson Olin is an African American dominated school. I wasn’t used to not being around only one type of culture and ethnic group but over all that I grew to know more about myself and others as well I’m soaring in athletics as well as academics and the staff and administrators are very nice but really make sure they push hard on how important it is to get an education.
My experience at Jackson Olin High School was overall average. I was the girl who kept to herself. I had maybe one friend or two , but that was all I needed. I also had a great romodel that I thank and love so kindly. She made sure her students had everything that they needed and prepared us for what we had to come along the way. She also exposed us to many different things. She did more than just her job she went above and beyond for her students. She treated us as if we were her own. This magnificent romodel I am referring to is Mrs. McMillan. She made my experience here a bit easier to deal with. Whatever resources we may have needed or help if she could assist with it she did.
No leadership at this school. Most students are below average in main subjects (math, English, P.E.).
What I like about Jackson Olin High School is to learn work. What I like to see change is students to stop fighting and bulling each other.
Jackson-Olin High School is by far the best educational institution. The faculty and staff love what they do. Their motto was , "Destined for Greatness". We all was destined to be great , and failure wasn't an option. The teachers taught the students, and the students sometimes taught the teachers. I don't think Jackson-Olin should change anything they prepare you for the real world.
The school overall has great potential, the only problem is that they are understaffed, with some inexperienced teachers. The school in general could use a attitude check it doesn't get the students excited about learning, some teachers don't encourage only criticize.
I liked the health science program and the career pathway classes that you are able to take but the school as a whole is unorganized and doesn't seem to care at all. They do what they want and don't really care about student input for example, the senior class voted on their senior colors and even though one color won they picked a different color. Another is that they still haven't given us our school spirit shirts and never answer our questions on it. It's like they never care.
There Is Really Not Much I Like About Jackson Olin . The Principal Has An Horrible Attitude , She Treats Some Of The Teachers With So Much Disrespect And The Teachers That Act Like Her Are Rude And Mean As Well .
My experience at the high school I attend is wonderful. I like the fact that teachers try to help in the best way they know how and they devote a lot of time to us. One thing I'd like to see change is the bullying in my school. Bullying occurs in many other places and it's not right and we, as students, should change that factor.
It was an okay school. It did not prepare you for college educational wise. I graduated with a 3.5 and i felt like i learned nothing
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My overall experience of this school is it was okay but could have been better. My favorite experience was being a flag girl in the band.
It could be ten times better than what it is!
There could be more after school activities.
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