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Overall, my experience at Jackson-Milton High school was very good. The teachers help students as much as they can become well-rounded, intelligent individuals. There are not many interesting electives to take, but the home ec. classes were quite enjoyable. I was very happy that I was able to take college classes for free through a program with a couple local colleges and the high school. This really helped me get a head start in college and make me more prepared for the college course load.
There is always a police officer in the building that is armed. I feel very safe here because there are security cameras in every hallway. Also, every classroom door has a lock and we practice procedures on what to do in case of a lock down or other bad situation. The only way that I would feel unsafe is if a student in the building were to be armed.
There are many clubs and organizations that a person can be involved in at my school. I am involved in Key Club, which is a club that focuses on volunteering, S.A.D.D, Students Against Destructive Decisions which focuses on eliminating negative decisions, Spanish Cub, Student Council, and Cheerleading, which promotes school spirit and leadership. There are other clubs like quizbowl and math club, but I do not have the time for that since I am involved in other extracurricular organizations.
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My overall experience at my school has been great. I have attended Jackson-Milton High School since second grade. I have had such a good experience for multiple reasons. One is because of the teachers that I have had. They always seemed like they loved their job. But the thing that has made my experience the best is the students. There is a group of people that I have been best friends with (girls and boys) since second grade and our relationship is amazing. My experience would not be the same without them.
The overall quality of the teachers at my school is very good. They interact with the students very well. If I do not understand a certain topic, the teacher will set time aside to make sure that I understand it in a one-on-one meeting. I do not believe that I would have gotten the quality education that I have if it wasn't for the teachers in my school district.
Safety is run by a deputy in the building. Officer Sosnowsky does a great job of making students feel safe.
While some programs are offered, more could be done.
Our parents are not involved as much as they can be. Some individuals are, but collectively there is a general lack of support.
Jackson - Milton High School has a wonderful staff that takes pride in their work and in their students. While not all of the teachers truly care, we as students know who we can go to at anytime.
There is a lot of drama at a small school. Students, coaches and students gets involved with things they shouldn't.
My overall experience was pretty good because my grades were better and there wasn't as much work piled up for me. Since it is such a small school, there is a lot of gossip and sometimes coaches and teachers pick favorites.
Our lunch staff is nice and will give us extras sometimes if there's any left. Sometimes the meat is under cooked and some of the food doesn't have much flavor.
Everyone keeps up with a problem that needs to be addressed and deals with it then and there and makes sure the punishment is fair.
The sports teams at Jackson-Milton are pretty good. Everyone gets chance to be on the team if they want. They will only keep the ones that really want to play the sport. Sometimes they pick favorites though.
The teachers at Jackson-Milton are very nice and try to help as much as they can and will give us extra time if we need it. Some of the teachers will even go over everything to make sure we know what we are doing and trying to make it fun for us.
Jackson-Milton has many clubs and sports to join. Some examples of clubs are Art Club, Key Club, Speech And Debate, Math Club, Quiz-bowl, and Ski Club. The sports at Jackson-Milton include Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Wrestling, and golf.
The school counselor is very outgoing and committed to helping students; however, she is often a bit flaky with respect to getting back to students. I understand that she is responsible for many tasks throughout the high school and middle school, but there have been times where she just does not get back to a student for a very long time. For instance, a person may ask for assistance on a scholarship on Monday and she won't get back to them until the following week, even though she says that she will get back to them in 3 days time. Overall, the guidance counselor is supportive and helpful, but she can be a little annoying at times.
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Most of students at my school are very accepting of others and they are more than willing to help each other out. However, some people have been excluded from involvement in events/activities that are school related because of the ever present judging that occurs in high schools around the world. I do not believe that our school is any worse off in this respect than others, but it is a notable issue.
There is always a school resource officer in the building throughout the day to ensure the safety of the students. I feel that his presence makes the students feel safe and secure at school. As well, the office is always cautious when they are letting people enter the building.
Most of food in the cafeteria is not good quality, but every now and then the cooks prepare homemade items that are more appealing. Also, since most of the food is frozen and not good quality, especially the chicken, it is often served slightly undercooked which makes the meal less desirable. However, the cafeteria does offer a variety of al-a-cart items that usually satisfy the students.
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