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It's a math and science specialty school, so I feel going there gave me the opportunity to reach my full potential in the math and science field. I was able to get several of my high school credits already, and I had the opportunity to do university math competitions for the state and place in them.
We had so many experiences from the observatory, to the field trips, to the learning. The teachers are some of the best ones i know and we always get things done on time
I liked going to Jackson Middle School because of the environment there. It was amazing, having the chance to take courses that was available. Trying to explore which subject I was more interested in. Also gave me an opportunity to express myself out more and be more confident. Started in 6th grade as a shy kid and not really talking to anyone, but the friends around me only. Although, throughout my whole three years there, I expanded my circle and experienced the amazement that I've been missing. I was in ESL for 6 and 7th grade so I'm always comfortable being in there because of the people that I'm surrounded with, all colored students. I was able to exceed ESL and enter into regular English like many other students was in. English class was one of the best experience because it helped pushed me out of my comfort zone. JMS was an amazing experience for me because that was where I began my adventure as who I am.
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Went here years ago and really enjoyed my time in middle school. I honestly preferred middle school than high school.
My experience at Jackson wasn't the best. The teachers knew what they were doing but often seemed as if they didn't care about people who struggled. They also didn't believe in moving a child into a higher class. They assumed that they knew best about the capabilities of the children they taught. I was one of those children and not being able to move up in a class put me back two years of math of where I should have been. That being said specific teachers are very good at what they do and do help when someone is struggling in or outside of school. My cousin had a heart attack when I was sixth grade and I remember only a couple of teachers I had actually checked up on me but those couple of teachers were the ones that helped me get through Jackson Middle School.
The entire anoka-hennipen school system is very active about maintianing the safety of the students that attend
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