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It’s just like any other high school. I’d like better heating because the school is always freezing.
Wonderful and caring teachers. Incredible school spirit and pride. I always felt proud to be a Jaguar. The sports were out of this world and I was proud to be a Jackson Memorial Jaguar Cheerleader.
I like the variety of classes available to take, there are challenging opportunities as well as many electives. I also have really liked most of teachers and believe they have had a big impact on my education.
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My overall experience at Jackson Memorial High School has been about average. The classes I am taking are setting me up to do my best at a college level. The teachers who teach the AP classes are dedicated to the students and go above and beyond to help the students prepare for the AP tests in May. They put in long hours helping us study and help us do our best. The food at school is another story. It is not very good and I prefer to bring my lunch from home daily, but that is just my personal opinion. The school also has a wonderful award winning band and football team.
The school had an unbelievable amount of school spirit. There were a lot of opportunities for everyone to do what they liked and my school had the pleasure of taking home national band victories and state championships in football. All departments of this school excelled and its longstanding history created a sense of community that I doubt I would find elsewhere.
JMHS is a rather large public high school with many resources (funding-wise)and plenty of opportunities (such as after school clubs, sports, and extra class help)for students to pursue. Most of the staff truly care about providing a high-quality education for their students, although there a few who solely give out "busy work" in order to fill class time.
I loved how welcomed I felt when entering the school as a freshman. There are many classes that are so much fun to take and different clubs and activities. I’ve met some of my best friends through marching band, ROTC, stage crew, and the honor societies that I am apart of.
I graduated in 2014. Jackson Memorial High School was amazing! They offered so many services and free opportunities to learn skills. They truly care about their students!
Lunch is too rushed & need more selection. Need school buses to deliver kids after sports. Very little on help with financial information for college. No advise for students on selecting majors - perhaps aptitude testing would help.
My experience at Jackson Memorial High School was overall very enjoyable. I was able to meet a lot of new people, keep my grades up, and get involved with extracurricular activities such as stage crew and the film program. From my experience, the film program at Jackson Memorial is quite advanced. The same can be said about the musical program as the experiences you gain from participating in it does not get much better than this. Some things I wish were improved upon would be the food and the college readiness. Regarding the food, I've stopped buying lunches by senior year because it's just not good. Secondly, the college readiness is also absolutely horrendous. There's no real initiative from the school that forcibly engages students into learning how to apply to schools. To sum it all up, my good experiences at Jackson Memorial High School far outweighed my less appealing memories, therefore I would recommend it to anyone looking to attend public high school in Jackson, New Jersey.
All teachers at this school were involved and encouraged and motivated students to complete all work accordingly.
I had a great experience attending Memorial. However it is very easy to get lost in it all and feel alone if you don’t get involved. I easily would have just gotten lost if I didn’t get involved in 3 clubs and 3 different honor societies. For the most part my teachers were great. There’s always a few that aren’t ideal but you’re not gonna mesh well with every teacher. The focus is heavily on football and not so much on the fine arts department but that’s typical of any school.
Jackson Memorial has a college-like feel to it. The teachers give you the assigments. If you don't have it when they tell you, you will not pass.
I liked the learning environment and the choice of classes. I enjoyed participating in the sports programs offered. The guidance department was responsive and helpful.
I enjoy the clubs and most of the teachers. I dislike some of the rules such as not being allowed to wear headphone's in the hallway.
Most of the teachers and staff are great. There is not a lot of help offered or social clubs in order to meet new people. Improvements need to be made on the food as well.
Memorial is a very good school! the hallways are very clean and decorated! There are many clubs and sports that you could join! There are so many clubs so everyone has something fun to do after school and be able to interact with people!
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This school is a very nurturing environment. Students are encouraged to learn from mistakes and become better from them. Many academic opportunity and tons of school spirit. Athletic teams are also a great environment to be a part of.
I am a senior at jackson memorial high school. While the Education i recieved was amazing, it lacked diversity. As a black student, i felt that i wasnt able to connect with my peers. Because of a lack of diversity we werent able to see eye to eye
not great. extreme school spirit and focus on sports. not so much on academics or the arts. people are aggressive and competitive, and it is not easy being quiet, though i imagine that it is not much different as other schools. lacking in resources. no diversity. majority are white, middle class, and privileged. terrible administration and resources. they turn a blind eye to racism and discrimination, though they claim that are school is a safe place. in my two years of being here, i have never felt completely free to express myself.
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