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Jackson Liberty High School Reviews

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Very nice school. Has a lot to over and has an overall great atmosphere. I would recommend to anyone.
I liked the school events, wish the school was a bit more unique. It's kind of average all throughout.
I really like how an abundance of resources are available to all students for a variety of subjects.
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My experience at Jackson liberty was educational for sure. the staff is great, the sports were awesome although the coaches weren't the best. Especially with soccer. But overall I wouldn't have wanted to experience high school anywhere else but here.
It’s more than a school. It’s a home. This place is genuinely amazing, the staff are all such great individuals and you feel like you’re apart of a big family. You have a sense of belonging at Liberty. 10/10 recommend attending Jackson Liberty.
The academics were okay. I felt ready for college when I graduated. The administration was terrible and they put too much emphasis on what didn't matter and not on the students themselves. Personally i would not send my child to that particular school because the diversity was not there and as a black woman, i would not want my child to feel excluded from certain policies (which I did) or singled out because of their race. While racism wasn't obvious, the biases of the faculty and parents were evident
The staff was always friendly and helpful. Each teacher was willing to help in any way possible from educational assistance to emotional troubles or worries and more. It was always a friendly atmosphere and the students were friendly too.
For the most part, Jlib provided a neutral environment that allowed me to work on my own goals in my own time. Scheduling classes was very easy and they worked around my own schedule. Overall, the academics were amazing, take into account that I have only been taking Honors and AP classes, and I feel like I could happily leave next year with the level of learning that I revieved.
My high school experience at Jackson Liberty had abig impact on choosing my college. I wanted to continue my education in a place that felt like home and where people knew each other and liked being together. I especially feel the Adventure Bound course I was able to attend the overnight canoe trip in which I learned alittle more about life and made friendships to last a lifetime.My Guidance counselor at Liberty was key in making my college placement successful. He went above and beyond assisting me with any of my worries. Jackson Liberty has a truly special place in my heart and is place I call home.
I hate it here people are mean and rude no one cares for each other the admiration sucks and has no care for the darker and just lie to our faces teachers are kinda racist and it sucks the student of color are targeted for their differences and standing up for themselves
Jackson Liberty High School provides various level of coursework for students and has different activities to suit various students' interests. While I enjoyed my time at Liberty, the school itself was run very strictly and certain policies made it difficult for students to enjoy after school activities and to find places to study after school. Overall the teachers are what really make up the heart of Liberty. They provide guidance and aid whenever needed if you are lucky enough to study with the right ones and really take advantage of all that they have to offer you.
What I loved about Jackson Liberty High School the most was the accepting environment. Our principal Ms. Maureen Butler made it her priority to see that every student's sexual orientation, race, religion, etc. were accepted and those who did not were taught the importance of acceptance and kindness. We have so many clubs that embrace the differences of the students. Clubs that include the multicultural club and the Fellow Christian Athletes. Some things I would change about this school would be how it does not properly prepare you for the real world. In this school, everyone's a winner. And sadly the real world, you don't always win. Though it helps with grades and overall GPA, the teachers here are very lenient and “pass” you if they feel you should, meaning they can minipulate your grade to their descretion. This hurts college readiness skills.
The principal is highly sexist, and will go as far as to side with female bullies when the victim is male. This is verified not only by the stance she takes, but by the side she chooses to listen to as well. If you’re male, you will be punished before your side of the story is told. It seems she fails to realize that the most common strategy of female bullying against men, is “technical” accusations of “misconduct” regardless of the merit they hold. The easiest being “ I feel threatened”. Keep in mind, a threat does not have to be made, in order for that line to be used, and reciprocated with harsh discipline against the accused. This can make a fairly well behaved young man, feel like a outcasted monster, because his emotions will not be taken seriously. This of course, does not pertain to every circumstance - but it happens often enough for the vice principal to share the same sentiment.

Other than that, the other staff are excellent.
I liked my high school experience. Most teachers there are super cool and are willing to help you. I would start high school over again if I could.
I was new to Jackson my freshman year of highschool. I love how welcoming all the teachers and other staff were. I felt at home, not like I was stranded someone out of my comfort zone. The one thing I would say I dislike is the way some parts of the curriculum are set up, I feel I could get way more out of a class if it was 40 minutes all year rather than 80 minutes half the year.
I was very fond of the academics at Jackson Liberty. I felt that there were many options of courses to choose from, and they prepared me very well for college. Most of the teachers I had were excellent, but there were also several teachers I had who were horrible. These teachers openly explained that they hated the class subject and that they were forced to teach it by the principal, and therefore they didn't teach the subjects well at all. Aside from academics, there were many activities so be involved in. I liked how Jackson Liberty makes it easy for students to be well-rounded because all of the clubs coordinate to ensure that their meetings aren't at the same time. We also had a considerably large amount of school spirit.
Great teaching staff and administration. I have learned a great deal through academics as well as being a part of sports teams.
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At Jackson Liberty High School, I have had an excellent experience. The teachers and staff are very professional and help create an enjoyable and safe educational environment. They help equip students for success in the future.
Jackson Liberty High School has offered many opportunities for me, those of which I thought I would never have been involved in. I know I had to work hard academically from day one but joining the marching band was something not on my list. I have enjoyed all I have experienced in this band program and Mr. Katona, our band director has been most influential throughout my high school career. He has given me many memories which will never be forgotten.....Disney Parade, Washington Memorial Parade and Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia...just to name a few. I believed and have become more confident in myself as a student and as a leader. I have maintained a good GPA and can state with confidence that I have set out and achieved many personal and valuable goals for myself to carry on with me throughout my college years. Looking back I am very happy and grateful with all that I have accomplished.
The campus is beautiful and our principal is always trying to make our highschool experience better. The teachers are cool and there's always something fun happening after school.
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