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Jackson Independent School Reviews

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This school is the greatest!
There are no better teachers than the ones at Jackson Independent School! They are awesome and genuinely care about each student!
They are not very updated and "fancy," but they are very accommodating.
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Everyone protects each other. We are like family!
The administration is very friendly and genuinely cares about each student's education.
Our school is very involved in extracurricular activities and is very supportive of their students.
There's not a lot peer pressure at Jackson. Students are very accepting.
I felt very prepared when I graduated. Teachers reminded students daily that they needed to do their very best to be prepared.
The teachers are very friendly and will help anyone who needs it. They're always there.
Jackson is a smaller school so police and security guards aren't necessary.
There are not many electives offerd other than other core classes
It was better than the last school that i was at. I was being bullied and nothing was done to stop it at Jackson that didnt hapen
They do not offer many after school eventnts
The school its self is okay but too much slips through the cracks and some things are over looked just because of who the students family is.
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