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All in all the teachers are good and the students are pretty great. The admin have little regard for the students opinions at times. Drug dogs come to campus at least once a month sometimes more. Sucks they make you take 7 classes each semester for 4 years, because they require 25 credits to graduate.
Great place to be and be from. Of all the places I have been to school, this is by far my favorite. The poeple and places are alwasy niceto visit and the professors are very helpful.
It is, by far one of the most beautiful and rugged places to grow up. Lots of outside recreation, biking, hiking, rafting, snowboarding, etc. Unfortunately, it has become a haven for the wealthy, snatching up homes, making it unaffordable to stay here. The "transplants" are snotty, irresponsible, disrespectful, inconsiderate, entitled and privileged, all suffering from affluenza. We are outsiders, now.
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I recently moved to Jackson. I just started my junior year and honestly I did not get a huge warm welcome. The people are super cool though after you get to know them!!
I love Jackson Hole High School's commitment to getting their students to college. Each class pushes students in different aspects. It has been a very holistic experience.
Our robotics program is fantastic. We are very much supported by our coaches and mentors. We have attended FIRST Robotics Competition and placed high over the past 4 years. We have up to 5 - 6 of winter months and last year had our 1st snow day ( of no school) in 25 years.
The teachers really care and are willing to do what they can to help you. Whenever I have difficulties with material, they are willing to meet with me outside of classroom time to review material.
The teachers really care, and for the most part are great. Their are also many wonderful opportunities but there is a strong belief among many of the students, myself included, that the administration is more concerned about how the school looks on paper and it's ranking then what is actually best for the students, which makes things harder and more complicated on the students.
The academics at Jackson Hole High School are challenging and for the most part the teachers are approachable and truly interested in their students. My classmates and I feel supported and encouraged to work hard. The student body is united. The administration works very hard to achieve this feeling across the board. I am proud to be a JHHS Bronc.

One thing that the school could improve is a program called "College Ready". This time period during our school day mostly became a study hall for the students. It has potential but it didn't exactly meet the goals that I think it was supposed to. I would like to see a better prep program for my younger sister and other undergrads attending JHHS.
For a school that's not in a larger city, it has it's perks.

However, the overall experience was just bland...nothing to spectacular.
The teachers for a "small town" school, are fairly high caliber. Although, that being said, the teaching style in some classrooms seem to be the same stale "tried and true" method.
The Health and Safety at JHHS is great. For example, there was a free CNA class offered to students during zero hour. Students would get the opportunity to take a CNA class and take a externship at the hospital. This gave students, who wanted to be in the medical field, a foot in the door.
At JHHS after school activities are very popular. There is a variety of activities from Cheerleading, Football, Basketball, Volleyball to Robotics Club and Speech and Debate. Each extracurricular activities gives students opportunities beyond high school such as scholarships and internships. Not only are the parents and staff involved, but the whole community.
If I had the choice to go back and do high school over again, I would choose to go back to JHHS. The atmosphere at that school is unbeatable. JHHS has many things that make it unique from the clubs, teams, school traditions and they way the staff truly cares about every student.
At Jackson Hole High School, it is the teachers and staffs mission to have a 100% graduation rate. The staff also went above and beyond to engage students in extra curricular activities that fits thats students interests.
Loved making the yearbook for the school
very caring and knowledgeable with great attitudes
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The teachers at this school really cared about their students well being.
The teachers are understanding and are also very helpful when students are struggling to understand the material at hand.
There's a wide variety of extracurriculars to do at JHHS, especially when living in such a fortunate and amazing community.
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