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The academic aspect of Jackson High School is very sophisticated and challenging, making it a great school.
I appreciate that the teachers truly care about the students, and help them in anyway possible. The administration is doing different things to ensure safety, after a horrific event last year. Jackson High School welcomes everyone and promotes individuals to express themselves and what they believe in. There is a variety of clubs and activities to be apart of! Nobody will feel left out or different at this school.
I went to Jackson from 2nd grade to 9th grade. I ended up transferring to Dublin Jerome High School near Columbus, Ohio. I may have taken for granted what a great place Jackson High School is and the whole community in general. Jackson allowed for students to really excel in all their classes. They have a very nice lenient grading scale unlike other schools where they have A+ or A-. They have a wide selection of AP/IB/CCP classes to choose from and their wonderful teaching staff is always there to help. I realized how great of a school this was after I left. I want to stress that if you are thinking of coming to Jackson, you certainly will not regret it. I promise you on that.
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I enjoyed my senior year at Jackson High School. I was chartered schooled from Kindergarten till my senior year. I played in the marching band, drama club (crew and then played a major part), jazz band and became very accepted and had a tremendous year. Went to Disney World with the band. Now I am enrolled at Ohio Christian University in Circleville, Ohio where I am taking Education.
Jackson High School does an excellent job teaching the students and preparing them for college. They have wonderful resources and facilities to assist in this matter, while also giving ample ways for students to get involved in their school and community through clubs, activities, sports as well as other things.
It’s a bummer how Jackson isn’t as great as they say it is! I transferred from Jackson to Green after hearing about the better school life at Green. It is a crazy difference. The school is still predominantly rich and white, but green has an atmosphere attempting to help students, not degreade them.
Classes provide a nice look into what college classes will be like, and I feel like a was really able to prepare for what was to come. Teachers were nice and pushed you towards success, and there is a huge emphasis on doing things outside of just academics too.
Overall, I've had a good experience. Academics are stellar, with challenging courses and good teachers.
Went to Jackson all four years. Great school with great staff. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Could work on acemic curriculumand preparing kids for the ACT as well. Food is also pretty good. Not over priced and you get a lot more than what you pay for.
I'm proud to be a Jackson Polar Bear. We have a great school with awesome teachers and coaches. Love the school spirit. I've learned a lot there which is preparing me for college next year!
I love the wide range of opportunities available. Since this is a larger school, there are a multitude of clubs and organizations to get involved with as well as classes including AP and CCP.
This school provides a fantastic range of classes and great academics, as well as competitive Division I athletic programs. There is a wide range of activities and a huge student body.
Jackson School for the Arts, a program within Jackson High School is what really made my four years worth it.
As a student, there wasn't much opportunity to move up academically. There is a lot of importance on a football team that isn't that good. Overall, what I'd expect.
The level of education was outstanding. It’s a personable school and everyone is right by your side to help you succeed.
Jackson High School has incredible facilities, including a beautiful building, has excellent teachers and provides a huge range of classes to choose from.
I came from a broken home to live with my mom and my grades used to be really bad until I came to Jackson high school they got me on an iep and have been helping ever since
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The most amazing and calm atmosphere is located in Jackson Township. The place where my first experience overseas took place was quite astonishing. I loved it ever since.
I like how advanced our school is and how they strive to always be the best. We always put acedemics first and sports are a huge part of our township too. We are always cheering on our fellow peers.
Growing up in Jackson made me feel connected to so many people on whole new levels. The high school offers so many varieties of choices and prepares you well for college. Our motto, "Striving for Excellence" truly does have an impact on the not only our school, but our community as well.
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