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Jackson High School is very well run. This school cares a lot about their students and does everything in their power to be there for the students. Jackson has a great education system!
Honestly I overall think Jackson High School is your typical High School. They are not anything special...just average.
It was a decent experience. I only attended swim team there though. I quit after the first year swimming is not for me. The coaches were ok, but the kids were pretty clique-ish.
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Jackson High School has excellent programs for every student. The far-reaching organizations and inclusivity of the school make me proud to be a part of it. It is the best school in the area and does a great job of producing well-rounded and intelligent students.
I love the variety of different classes I am able to take to help prepare me for my future career. There are many clubs that I am involved with where I can pursue my passions.
I think my experience at Jackson High School was really great because of all the opportunities I have been given through the school. I am apart of many different programs and clubs that were able to help me throughout high school and they have also helped me figure out what I want to do in my future. Also all the teachers and faculty are so nice and they are always willing to help you with whatever you may need help with.
Overall a great school. Great band! Great football team! Great teachers! Great friendships! Overall just really amazing
I liked the variety of classes offered and all the hard work everyone puts in, but I didn't like JSA 0 period and the annoyed attitude everyone always had.
Ohio definitely doesn’t have the best reputation, especially at the moment but Jackson is one of the schools that focuses a lot on the arts, sports, and academics. Majority of the teachers put every effort into their work, especially the foreign language department. The school is very safe and most of the students are well behaved. The people here are majority privileged but there are kind people to be found. There are many classes you can take, especially in the high school, but as you progress it gets more lax and you can make more choices yourself.
The school was nice and it was a good place to go to school. It felt like it was always kept under good operation and looked after. Even though it was a good school, it still had some flaws. I felt that if a student was having issues and they asked for help it was almost as if they were a burden to them. The school doesn’t have trust in the students to know that they can do the right things. Yes, there are problems with the school but they are ones that can be fixed and I hope that in the next few years we can see a difference in the school life.
I enjoyed attending this school! I am a part of the arts program within Jackson High School, and it has made me much closer with my peers. I also feel this arts program has helped me gain so much confidence. I feel as though my academic abilities have been challenged and I have been pushed, and I am grateful for that. Though I do not participate in sports, the sports teams are very good and well funded. However, what my school has in sports, arts, and academics, it lacks in diversity. The majority of the student body at Jackson High School is white. Also, the majority of the students are also wealthy. I am in the minority of students, as my family does not have much money. Overall, I have enjoyed attending Jackson High School, but it definitely does have its flaws.
Jackson is a very great school with a lot to offer. Well qualified students and highly funded athletic, music, and art programs.
Jackson High School is a wonderful institution with a plethora of opportunities and resources to be sought out. Mainly, the school offers students the option of membership in two separate academies, Jackson School for the Arts and Jackson Academy for Global Studies. I, myself, have participated for four years in both of the academies. In addition to these, there is a wide variety of clubs and activities that promote student leadership. Academics at Jackson High School are placed at a very high value by both faculty and the student population. However, students in Jackson are not only high-achieving in a singular area. Since its establishment, this school has consistently produced well-rounded students and citizens. This is largely due to the community's involvement in the the school and vice versa. Not only does the faculty teach the common core, they teach morality and how to lead a successful life by the constantly rising modern standard.
I don't believe I got the best school experience here at Jackson High School. Yes, the town is nice looking and well-kept. But the students at the high school are very cliquey and raised wrong. There are many groups and too many opportunities to be left out. The students in sports, higher up classes, or those who are from wealthy families seem to think they are better than others. There is little to no diversity. I wish I was exposed to more ethnicities to better expand my cultural awareness.
I love the Jackson School for the Arts program offered at Jackson High School, which combines academics and the arts to make students well-rounded and well-prepared for college and life beyond college, no matter what the decide to pursue. Students are not forced to go into the arts in college as a member of this program, however they are taught so much that can applied to life in general, and the staff and director work together to bring a very positive experience to the students in the Jackson School for the Arts program.
Love the JSA and JAGS programs! Great opportunities to learn and grow at Jackson High School. Highly recommend to others.
The teachers are the best part of the school. They work really hard and care about their students. They want us to succeed and try their best to get us there.
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Jackson High School is a large public school that really prepares you for the real world. No matter what your interest is, you'll be able to find a way to participate in it with others.
I feel that Jackson High School is really preparing me for what it's to come. There's many class options as well as career and tech courses. And the only complaint would be the sense of community, but that's being solved through an added period of "connections" to bond and handle issues in high school life.
I like the school of the arts the best. I was able to experience all aspects of the arts that most schools don't offer
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