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Being a part of the Jackson High School community has been an amazing experience. It feels like I am going to a family reunion everyday when I go to school. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging and it is a great environment to be in.
Jackson High School was more than just a school. To me this is where I called home, where I grew and where I learned life lessons I will carry with me forever. The staff and faculty made me who I am today and I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.
Jackson High School is a wonderful place to get a high school education. The facilities are top of the line. The arts programs are celebrated instead of destroyed. The band program (with over 200 members) is known as "the pride of Jackson" and is the star of every local event. The teachers are dedicated to their students. The students are not very diverse, but they all participate in a variety of different sports, clubs, and community service groups. The number of valedictorians every year is baffling. Classes are vocal and education is hands-on.
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I think that overall it is a very well rounded school but it is a very white, Christian school. There isn't a lot of diversity throughout the school and they aren't very open to talking about diversity.
Jackson High School is a great school to attend. Jackson is a school that offers good resources and the teachers there help students get the education that they strive to have.
I've been at Jackson high school for 3 years now and this year i'm a senior. I transferred from Oak Hill high school because of bullying and once I came to Jackson, it was a new life for me. The studies are tough but most of the teachers truly care about your education. Although jackson can be a very strict school. I wish I could change the book bag and bathroom policy. Also I wish I knew more about the academics because a lot of things changed when transferring from a different school and they didn't help very much on that aspect. Overall, I rank Jackson pretty high just because if I wouldn't have came here, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you Jackson High School!
The technology is up to date.
Students' would bully other students for being homosexual, or questioning their sexuality. Bullying was the worst there.
The coaches don't coach like they should, unless it's for football.
The students' treated everyone badly, parents didn't care.
I'd suggest they change their teaching styles.
Academics prepare students for the work load they will experience in collegiate careers.
The school takes all necessary measures to protect its students and staff.
There is a large variety of extracurricular activities for students to choose from with strong administrative support.
This school is a great mix between having an urban school attitude and being in a rural town setting. Teachers and students have bought in to working hard to build a strong academic foundation.
Teachers are very involved in students' academic endeavors. Teachers will go above and beyond what is necessary to make student lives easier and learning a more enjoyable experience.
It's a good school besides the fact that the food is terrible.
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This school is very spirited about athletics and the students are great. Its a very strict school but it has its reasons. The only negative thing about this school is that a quite a few teachers will play favorites.
The overall experience for Jackson High school is great. You get a great education, get to learn from some of the best teachers and everyone is so friendly.
The schools lunch is typically good. If they know that a certain meal is not being eaten, then they replace it with something else. They have the options of fruit, vegetables and salads as well as other options of food too
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