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Jackson high school is very diverse, meeting new people with a different heritage and way of life is very exciting. The resources provided at Jackson high are also terrific. Almost every grade office has papers upon papers of opportunities for your future.
Jackson High is a nice school, but I would like to see some of the staff care more about students on their future
This school had very many great teachers and after school activities like we have tons of clubs and a lot of students get high education there
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My experience with Jackson High school has been phenomenal. The students and teachers are very welcoming and supportive. Most teachers try to challenge their students and make personal connections with them. The diversity of the school is beautiful and is one of my favorite parts about the school. The sports and extracurricular activities led me to meet so many amazing people. The school is big and diverse, so you have to like a large school if you wanted to go. But it’s well worth trying it out.
Teachers should be subject to student review - There are a couple teachers that shouldn't be teaching, and yet they still are at the school. This is an issue that many schools have, and there are a couple extremely excellent teachers there as well, but a couple of them should probably lose their jobs.
Overall I had a good experience at Jackson high school. They offer a variety of classes including regular, honors and AP. The teachers care about the students and will help you if your stuck on your work. We were also the only school in the county to have a college resource room and advisor from u of m. She helped me more ready for college. Now I feel comfortable. I will miss Jackson high school and everything that jt offers but excited for what the future holds..
I enjoyed my experience at Jackson High. They have many AP Classes offered, which I took opportunity of. Most teachers are fantastic, with the exception of a few duds. Extracurriculars are varied and there’s something for everyone. There’s always an event taking place. The only thing I would like to see changed is decreased gender discrimination through dress code, better communication with divorced parents, fairer punishments for children of school board members, and opportunity to evaluate/review teachers.
My experience was okay, but it really just depends on who you have for teachers. I had a lot of issues with the current head principal because she wouldn’t do anything about unlocking the elevators for me as I was using a walker to get around school.
There are many clubs and AP classes to choose from, but the teachers fail to properly prepare students for the rigor of college. There is a lot of diversity and the teachers care for the students.
Jackson High has a very large and diverse student body. The staff really put their students first and want the students to succeed. There are many advanced placement classes offered which go toward college credits. Viking athletics are successful and open to everyone. I wouldn't have wanted to graduate from any other school.
There are seven different schools surrounding the Jackson area. I chose to go to Jackson High and that is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Jackson high has the most diversity, school spirit, academics, athletics, and clubs than any other Jackson area school.
The classes available to students are well-spread and are great selections. Many clubs are available to students, and encompasses everyone's likes and dislikes.
There are so many opportunities to learn with this school's diverse student body and options for dual enrollment and AP classes.
High school is what you make it. Teachers I've personally had were great and the ones that weren't you don't have to worry too much about. The opportunities are pretty much endless with this school, we're lucky to have all the options for classes that we have and I loved a lot of the classes I took. But by junior year I took all the electives I wanted to take so I opted to go Career Center. But many are happy and successful while staying at the main school. I was never active with any club or activities but if you don't find something you like you can always start your own club which friends have done as well. The high school is a little unorganized at times which can be a little frustrating but there's more important things in life. For the most part the school is safe and diverse, we're a little wild but sometimes that can be good.
If you can home school you would be better off. The school is one the worst in the area. I came from Detroit Public schools. I had better opportunities there and less bullying.
Jackson high school s really a big and diverse school. There are a lot of qualities which make J high different from other schools. Jackson high school is so vast and it consist of a beautiful building. The academics is great . Everyday you get to meet with different people with different backgrounds and different cultures. The teachers are also so friendly and awesome. They are always here whenever you need them . According to me j high is by far the best school I have ever attended. I love it and I am really going to miss the environment and the two years I have spent there.
Going to a public school like Jackson High has taught me to appreciate people, different cultures and every individuals ideas. The school district offers Advanced Placement classes allowing for possible College credit and the teachers are individuals who each offer a different experience to their subject and class. The school is a community that gives back and supports each other in their endeavors in and out of school.
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Overall, Jackson High School is a great place to learn. While attending Jackson High I was offered numerous of advanced classes to help me excel throughout my high school career.
I had a great high school experience here. So many great people and immense diversity. Offers vast opportunity for various AP courses as well as duel enrollment. There is a sense of community and great school spirit at Jackson High.
I have enjoyed Jackson High School because of the academics that they offer the students along with their extracurricular classes and activities. The school gets their students involved doing things that they like such as sports, or clubs. They also encourage volunteering where more than half of the students at Jackson High have collected community service hours, where they have gone out into the community, into other schools and volunteered their time. Jackson High School is a great school where they are not only educating students of tomorrow but leaders of tomorrow.
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