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This school is very close and tight . My four years here have been very exciting and fun. I have been a cheerleader here and I can personally say that being involved in sports gives you so many opportunities varying from different scholarships or just town recognition.
I like the teachers here it's like they want to see you succeed. It's really comforting when you know your counselors will come to you when they see opportunities that you may enjoy. I have a mentor that isn't involved with the school system, but she's there all the time checking on me,making sure that my grades are all A's and maybe high B's. Overall it's just a great school.
My experience at Jackson High was so fun and very easy to learn . Make sure you hand around the right crowds to stay focused . the teachers is such a great help .
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The school is pretty diverse between black, white and mixed races as well as Hispanics. Not many of the Asian descent. School work is fairly simple. Some Teachers are very compassionate and caring for their students. Lots of clubs and Organizations, pretty hard to get into them though. The school itself is relatively small and the hallways are often very crowded. The faculty is not the best but I guess they try. Not much bullying from my perspective but there are cliques and groups so there could be. Overall Jackson High isnt my favorite place but I guess it is what you make of it. Just not for me Gladly I graduate very soon.
Being at Jackson High School offered many opportunities I thought I'd never have. Our student body are very close and the administrators are willing to listen to what the students have to say. We have free breakfast and lunch, although the food they serve could be better it's okay for it to be free. I wish we could have a more options when it come to the clubs and activities but we do have fun with the activities we do have. Overall it's a pretty good school to attend.
I loved how I was able to get involved in anything I wanted to be in . Also the school activities were the absolute best.
The school overall is good. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The school is expanding the sports department; however, the school does need new text books and resources for the students. The school is usually very clean as far as the cleanliness of the cafeteria and restrooms as long as hallways. The school also has activities such as pep rallies to further involve the student in the school.
Jackson High School is a good school, but to make it a better school we need some more support. Because Jackson High School is located in a small town and is the only high school in this small town there are not a lot of oppurtunities offered to the students. We need more localized programs so each student has a chance to pursue their dream.
It was alright I’ve lived here my whole life and the staff is nice. The library and and under 1000 students go there meaning you have a better chance at understanding the material
I had the chance to connect with students and staff. I had endless opportunities to involve myself in extracurricular activities and was able to take classes to further my education like dual enrollment.
What I like about Jackson High School is the feeling of family. Being the high school of such a small town means that most people know just about everybody else. That is what results in the sense of togetherness and unity you'll find among students and staff alike. The things I'd like to see improve would be more resources and funding, as a lot of teachers have to take out of their own pockets for the lessons they teach. Being a teacher is an extracurricular activity in its own right, and I'd like to see administration help out teachers more.
Jackson High School is just like any other average public school. My experience at Jackson has been good because I am advanced in academics and have taken honors and AP classes; however, I now do full-time dual enrollment at Gordon State College. I feel that Jackson High School does a good job at preparing students for college and providing college readiness and actual college classes to students.
In all honesty I hated everything about this school, but I could say I hated the teachers the least, very few actually cared about the students future and half of those the administration got rid of. I would like to see the administration change their priorities and balance in being fair to the student body as a whole.
I really like the fact that jackson high school is soo diverse and everyone is given an opportunity to explore different things. I am honestly pleased with the way things are and can't find not even one thing that I would want to change.
Jackson High School has a friendly environment that is very accepting of all types of people no matter their race, sex, disability, or sexual orientation. The school system tries their best to make sure everyone is on a good track to college. The teachers put all their effort in teaching and introduce new and improved ways of teaching the students.
My experience with Jackson High School has been fairly well I say. I love the connections you make with teachers the most. Every teacher there has a warm and welcoming heart. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my teenage years anywhere else.
I have made some great friends and have so many great experiences between teachers, honors classes, and extracurricular activities outside of school. I wish we could've kept our administration from two years ago, but I'm going to graduate soon so no worries.
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Jackson High School home of the red devils is the best school. I love every second in this school. The community is a friendly and loving place. I love the Jackson High School has this handbell class in which I have falling in love with everything.
Jackson High School offers a safe environment to learn in. Honors and AP courses are offered; although, I would prefer for more to be offered.
I've had many and wonderful experiences at my high school. The teachers care about their students success. I miss old friends that graduated of course! But overall my experience has had many up and down like any other high school student.
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