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My experience at Jackson High School is overall good. This is a school that prepares you for college. The staff is hard working and determined to make sure we get through high school. Jackson High is an excellent school.
Overall Jackson High School was a good experience. You had clubs, organizations, & many activities going on you can participate in. There are so many friendly people at Jackson High, when you need help there is always assistance when you're in a bind. If you ever get close to Jackson High School... my advice is to enroll there.
My experience at Jackson High School was one that I would go back redo over again! Being in a school, that was active in the community aas well as with the student body is an experience every child should get while in high school. From the amount of work and to the caring teachers, JAckson High prepared me for college. The best part about JHS was the school spirit that is showed, especially during football season. Jackson High has been a continuous growing family and I'm glad that I coud be a part of that. Even though all days were not a walk through park, I wouldn't trade being an alumna of Jackson High for anything.
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Jackson High School is a wonderful school. The teachers take their time with each student to make sure they understand the lessons. The school staff members are very concerned about the safety of the kids. They review the lockdown drills and the fire drills. However, I would like to see a change in school sanitary conditions. The bathrooms seem to need a better plumbing system and the lights are very dim.
My experience is ok at the most part. I learn a lot of things at Jackson for the most part. I would like to see them upgrade the school because it’s not fair to have a stink and nasty school with a such great learning environment. That doesn’t match !
I like that the faculty helps you with preparing for college. They set you up with many different opportunities if College isn’t for. What I would like to see change is the restroom facilities, they are in very poor shape.
I liked that the teachers really care. They do what they can to try to help you. It is in a small town and for the most part everyone acts like a family. I would like to see more variety with the lunch choices. Also, I think that a fresh salad bar would be really nice as an option. The school is also long overdue for an update.
The past four years at Jackson High School were great. The things that I like about Jackson High School is the atmosphere, school spirt ,and the teachers and staff. If we never came together for anything we always came together to support each sports team, especially football. One thing I would like to change is the food because sometimes the food was bad,but some days it was good, especially pizza Fridays.
I enjoyed sports. I enjoyed the games and pep rallies! Some of the teachers taught you stuff to be college ready. Then others just teach to be teaching. We learn a lot of different stuff, from the core class too elective classes. We had so many different teachers from 9th to 12th grade. The food wasn't hitting on nothing. We done had two different principles since I been at the school.
I love Jackson High School because it is very involved with their students. Everyone is really nice and caring. I wouldn't change anything! The teachers are so helpful and great.
I had a positive experience so far and all the teachers are very nice. I would like to have a art class where students can express their creativity. There definitely is plenty of work for us expecially if you take honors. School is great so far and I know my future is gonna be bright
These past four years, Jackson High School has showed good and bad times but for the most part they've been good. The good times are the pep rallies, being a member of the cheer team and the other organizations, and football games. The bad times is the A/C not working and the school lunch. Thankfully those both will be changed this year. If I could start over, I definitely would!
Jackson High School isn't quite as big as my college friends high schools. However, it's a great school. The teachers main focus is to make sure you get the proper education you need to prepare yourself for whatever you plan on doing with your life after graduation. There was a class for almost anything! I enjoyed my four years there and if I could go back, I most definitely would.
I like the extracurricular activities as well as the curriculum. One thing that needs to be improved is the cleanliness of the school. It needs serious work. Another thing the school needs to improve is the food. Absolutely terrible! Most of the teachers are great and really care about your success!
Jackson High School is a very nice school. The school is very diverse with the exchange program so you meet kids from around the world. School spirit is very well incorporated into a lot of the things that are done on a day to day basis. Classes taken will have you college ready and the staff will ensure this. Activities and clubs that the school has will also give you the chance to make and meet new people.
It is a clean school with good teachers. The students could behave better and it could add a few more electives.
What I liked about attending Jackson High school was the 100% help I received from my teachers when I asked for help with anything. Also what else I admired about Jackson High School is the environment that the school is located in . If anything that could be changed about this school , is the behavior of some people actions to make the other student body feel better to come to school and learn.
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My experience with the school is very good. We have some of the most educated teachers there. I can actually say they do teach us.
I love Jackson High School, it is the best school ever. Jackson High School teaches and prepares it's students for the real world. At Jackson High School, the students & faculty get along great. The teachers make sure that the student are doing what they are suppose to and they love to see everyone doing great in school. Jackson High School has the best academic program ever.
One A.P class is offered, needs more options.
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