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Jackson Heights Middle/High School Reviews

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Jackson Heights it a wonderful place to be. It’s a family and a community that supports one another. Because of the small size students are able to get involved in many different ways. One can participate in any clubs and sports offered without worry of being rejected. The entire school shows their support for the clubs and sports available. The teachers are great and do a good job of helping students in any way possible so that they can succeed in school as well as in life. The coaches are always there for their athletes and work their hardest to help us succeed. The downsides are the ineffectiveness to ready the students for college and life outside of school. As well as, the lack of diversity seen throughout the school. The food offered is lacking and could be better
We had great staff and all the students get along. There is not other place that will let you fit in like Jackson’s heights does!! When people move into our school district they are so happy and they love being here.
I liked the atmosphere and all the people around the area. The teachers were very helpful and definitely took advantage of the one on one teaching. The school itself was a great environment to be in making my high school years some to remember. It has helped and is still helping me prepare for my future in furthering my education.
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Our school has a lot of spirit and a lot of community support. At football and basketball games our bleachers are full. Many students paint their faces and wear crazy clothes that have our school colors to support the team. In the fall of 2011 the Johnsonville Spirit Award.
The academics offered here are necessary for us to attend college and be successful. There are several college classes available and many extra classes in each subject to become more knowledgeable about a specific subject. The teachers really invest in you not just as a student but also as a person. The decision is up to you whether you choose to take hard classes that aren't required or not, but I choose to take classes that are challenging for me because I know that I can ask the teacher for help or my fellow classmates who would be willing to explain what I don't understand.
I am very proud and honored to go to school at Jackson Heights. It is a great community and we are a small school but we have a lot of spirit. This school has never had any trouble with shootings or any real issues with bullying. I am very thankful to be a student here and I will miss not being a part of this big family.
All of the teachers know the subjects they are teaching very well, and they are also willing to help. The teachers are also very friendly are willing to listen to whatever is on your mind.
The new principal we got my senior year did a really good job of enforcing the rules more than the previous principals that we had. The new one wasn't scared of giving someone detention just because of who they were.
The food isn't of real high quality, but they do have some meals that are really good while also being healthy.
There aren't a whole lot of options for after school activities, but the ones they do have they take a lot of pride in.
The athletics opportunities at this school is better than most; that is because everyone gets to play if they just want to try. The school doesn't have try outs so you know if you show up to all of the practices that you will eventually get to play.
After graduating from high school I felt like high school prepared me to do well in the college classes that I was going to be taking.
My experience was really good because it was a small school so everyone knew everyone. That made it easy to fit in and it also made it easy to get help from the teachers.
This high school is relatively small (class sizes average thirty students) and didn't provide a huge range of class options. However, the classes offered were useful and practical for college preparation and everyday life. Though there isn't a large list of classes to choose from, there were options such as vo-tech and taking college classes as dual credit. Teachers care about the students and making sure they learn the material presented to them so I felt prepared for college after leaving high school.
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