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Jackson County High School Reviews

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Jackson County High School has some of the most involved teachers I have ever seen. Their abundance of compassion will never cease to amaze me. They care that their students are receiving the education they deserve, and truly want each student that enters their classroom to succeed.
The school lunches were not very good. I most all of my teachers there, as they were very nice and really seemed to care about your academic accomplishments as well as your person.
I find the staff of Jackson County High School, nice. The principal seems to help everyone. Teachers are helpful, when you are struggling.
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As a freshman, I liked how well I've transitioned from middle school to high school. Also, the staff seems to be very helpful when it not knowing something, or needing help.
At Jackson county high school everyone knows everyone. The teachers truly care and love their jobs as well as their students. It would very very good if the food was changed.
Jackson County High School has rough patches, but overall the school compensates for the negative aspects with many things. Despite some of the students being not so friendly, the teachers make most students feel welcome and safe.
Jackson county high school ky was fun but did have some rough times. it's all around great school. Teachers are hard on work sometime but are great at their jobs.
This is my 4th year, the teachers are great do their best to send eyou succeed they do all they can to help and push you for success.
It's a very sociable school the teachers are friendly and most of the student are as well. There is all ways a place for some one to fit in to and the education is good for the most part some teacher are a little to lenient. But a lot of them have been putting the hammer down which has improve the school.
Not very challenging. If you do the work you are fine.
All is welcomed but we aren't a diverse school.
What makes this school unique is everyone can joke with each other. We are a small community and know everyone but I wouldn't want it any other way.
The teachers care about the students but the help that is needed isn't always met.
Our academics are great. The teachers are engaging, the classes are interesting and we have numerous dual credit courses.
We aren't what you would call widely diverse, to the best of my knowledge and with in my set of peers we're fine with each other. We don't care about race, religion, or sexual orientation. I think we are probably separated more buy stereo types of jock, brain, prep, or loner. I'm willing to say not as much as other schools, but somewhat. We are a small community and that spills over into our school.
We don't have as many extracurricular opportunities as other schools, but the ones we do have are great. The teachers and staff are extremely involved .
I've made very good memories at this school. The teachers and staff do their best to be there for the students.
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I feel that most teachers are interested about the future and well being of their students.
Our town is very close, so security measures aren't taken as far as they should be. Bullying is handled when it gets to the extreme. Also, many fights break out because extreme measures aren't taken when threats come in.
There are a limited amount of clubs and extracurricular activities available.

Band and choir is available, as well as some tutoring, academic team, and debate club.
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