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I had a Good experience at this High School. The teachers are very friendly and are always willing to help. The classes that are available at this high school prepare you well for what you see in college. This high school is also very competitive and promotes community service.
I like the teachers and the staff, I would add more space to the building itself. Maybe add a better heating system during the winter. The bus system is terrible high school gets picked up at 5am for school Monday through Friday.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Friday night football games with the band. I also enjoyed my club Hosa, and all of the activities we were allowed to do.
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I love the spirit and the pride within the school, and I really enjoy the environment provided by the faculty and staff members. However, it would be nice to see a change in the cleanliness of the school. Even the custodial workers make the school an exciting place to be, but it's an older school, and its just not the cleanest place to be.
Jackson County High School had fantastic teachers that only hoped to see me excel in life. However, administration should have enforced more of the rules.
I love this high school. Dr. Jones is a wonderful principal who is very helpful all the time. The teachers and staff really care about what they do.
Very good school. They did the best with what they had. The teachers were the best. They really took their personal time and used it to helps students. Some would stay at school on weekend days to help review for tests and stay way after school.
I attended Jackson Co. High School from 2012 to 2016 and it was an overall good experience. They have an excellent AP program, I was able to get credit (sometimes for multiple courses) on all of the exams I took that I passed with a 3 or higher when I entered UNG. Most of the teachers are very pleasant and work with you because they want you to succeed, the administration is generally very helpful, and the cafeteria staff are always very warm and pleasant, which makes up for the food not always being to a teenager's taste. Our band while I attended got better and better consistently, we won a World championship my senior year; and our athletics department is very good as well.
I spent four years attending Jackson County High School. This school, including all of the teachers, students, and surrounding community have shaped me into the person I am today. I have received a great education and built many relationships to last a lifetime. The only downside of Jackson County High School is the lack of money. Classrooms are crowded and are equipped with sub-par resources. Other than that, this is a fine school.
Our school has a few clubs including DECA and FCCLA and FFA and FCA but of those FFA is most active after school and has the most activities
What makes this school unique is its music program. The band has over 200 students which is more than 1/6th of the total population and is the most successful activity with in the school. They have even been awarded a world champion title.
This school very much has the full spectrum. On one side you have the teachers that would give students an arm and a leg and are always available and truly care about the kids, on the other you have some that are older and not willing to grow out of their retired habits and will not incorporate technology or really teach you what you need to be taught.
Very good, always help you with anything that you need. Are avaliable whenever for you. Try there very best to make sure you keep up good grades.
Although the security and policy guidelines were very slack, the safety of the students was almost never threatened so a lot of security in general wasn't necessary anyways. The health programs were alright in assisting students to call their parents for further action. The safety for students was fine and I never felt unsafe for the most part.
In general, the school is just bad quality. The budgeting is poor for almost every organization although they still come out okay. The administration is horrible and don't seem to be a positive influence at all and don't really make any visible effort in improving the school quality. Of all my time there, the counseling office never guided me in any way or insisted to help for my future. In fact, I didn't know what a G.P.A. was until half way into my sophomore year. Part of the problem is the poor quality of students also. There are tons of country side kids who don't make much effort for their education, and also influence everyone else negatively. Teachers are bad in general.

My experience at this school was a struggling depression. Although I consistently put hard work into honors and A.P. classes, I could never seem to get through the inconsistent and unfair grading systems, and I constantly gave up with not much support from teachers. If it wasn't for a couple really close friends, I probably wouldn't have made it to college level along with many other members of my class. I wouldn't choose this school again because I waited every day there to get out.
Some teachers are amazing in the ways they teach along with their vast knowledge, but most of the time, teachers are very inconsistent. Only occasionally do you get a great teacher that performs excellent in both teaching and supporting their students. A lot of teachers are not only inconsistent in their teaching methods, but are easily swayed off track and unstable when creating appropriate teaching schedules. This leaves for unfair timing, unfair grading in individual cases, and all around lack of support especially if your struggling. Specifically to this school, the quality of teachers are quite poor mainly due to the inefficient administration in finding problems in the education system of teaching. If they do find problems, they make little effort to fix them. I personally have had one teacher who tried to teach A.P. Physics obviously knowing very little in the field of study, and had some how gotten the job merely with a certificate to teach science in general. Other teachers such as my drama teacher winged all of her teaching responsibilities for her own benefits in the drama department.

Grading is horrifyingly inconsistent and unfair in that I get worse grades than other people extremely often, for the simplest minor things or the fact that all students are stereotyped by teachers so someone who has had good grades will naturally receive good grades even with little effort, while poor background students will have very many more difficulties in achieving success. But as long as you make an extreme effort to get good grades, most teachers will try and support you.
Our band program is awesome, our agricultural department is great, our CTAE department is great, etc. All programs have one many awards. An example is this year's WGI Winds program being the World Champion in its class.
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The school has a constant and ever growing flow comprised by lots of high quality students who are actively involved in school activities, clubs, sports, etc. They are also concerned about their education, often going above and beyond to further their education through the programs the schools offers. I would choose this school because of its friendly, high-achieving, and competitive atmosphere, although the building itself could use a makeover.
The teachers make an effort to get to know their students and be friendly to them, and become highly approachable by the end of the year and remain that way, no matter what grade your in.
The school does its best to provide teen services for those in need. The nurse office is extremely helpful and many students constantly go to see the nurse. We have cameras and rules broken are handled.
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