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The best thing about going to a school like JCHS is the closeness of your fellow students. Many complaints that I often heard during my four years included unfair dresscodes, some teachers whose teaching methods were not satisfactory for many, and lack of fun or entertaining opportunities. Regardless, I think my experience was average here.
Some teachers genuinely care and want to help you in any way possible, while others, as I've seen, only seem to care about state scores. One even saying to give students detentions and not informing them? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they have to tell the student if they have a detention? If not, how do they expect it to be served. So much goes on between students that seem to just fly pass some teachers' heads, and with the lunch staff, when called about an allergy, it took threatening to go to court to conform to a food allergy. Genuinely, as I'm sure most students are, I just can't wait to graduate and get out of this school.
There is not much to choose from. It's limited.
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I loved being in a small school, it helped me.
The teachers at this school are fun and outgoing.
We do not have anything much. If there is a club, the same people in it are the same in another club.
If I could go back, I'd find a different school. No one tries to help us succeed unless we are basketball players.
Our school is small so there is more one-on-one interactions. The main problem is that we don't have the resources or opportunities that other schools have. Our county is not big on funding the school with important things. Instead, it is things that sit and collect dust. We also attend school in a building that is almost falling apart. It is not very safe and healthy for us to be there.
This school was small, but the teachers cared.
There wasn't much room to excel, even in honors.
I am doing well in college. So in my opinion this school helped just as much as any other school I could have gone to.
The academics for this school are sorta poor. There aren't many exciting electives to take or anything.
I wasn't satisfied with the lunched at this school many times.
The involvement of these people is very average for a school.
The school helps with understanding what schools there are to go to.
The teachers at this school are awesome. They are very friendly and helpful when you need help.
There are clubs of many varieties. They have Beta club, FFA, business clubs, religious clubs, sports clubs, anti drug clubs, etc.
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I'll just say mostly everything is good. Especially college prep things.
The teachers, for the most part all of the teachers are amazing. Some of them don't seem to care, or they act like they 'pick favorites'. But some teachers like Mrs. Carol Phillips, and Mrs. Anne Thaxton, Mrs. Tinsley, and numerous others, always find a way to help as much as they can.
Our Vice Principal, Mrs. Brown, is taking over for our Principal, Mr. Bridert, while he is out. Even though our actual Principal isn't here, Mr. Brown has kept this school running very smooth, and tries her hardest every day, no matter the struggle.

She over does it a little bit with dress code, but that's expected, I suppose. Our guidance counselor, office staff, everyone does what needs to be done at this school. Also, as far as the 'bullying'; no one at this school really bullies anyone else, we are all kind of like a family, it isn't a big school, so everyone kind of just know everyone.
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