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Jackson County Early College Reviews

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My experience at Jackson college has been wonderful , although ill be transferring to a university . I can focus , and I'm offered help on campus which is not available at big schools.
I love Jackson County Early College! The teachers are absolutely amazing! They are genuinely invested in the students success. The staff do everything they can to improve student interest in, involvement with, and understanding of their own education. The community at JCEC is equally as wonderful, the students are friendly, and each year group is close-knit and active with the school.
It was a great school and really gave me a jump on life and gave me a big head start when I wen on to Western Carolina University.
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Jackson County Early College is one of the best schools a child can go to. The Early College has gained recognition as a community based school that only accepts students that go above and beyond in their intellectual studies. Jackson County Early College also has the best faculty and teachers to help guide students through their educational career. Teachers and faculty are dedicated and really do care about every single Jackson County Early College student.
The school excels when it comes to helping kids get their education!
They were fantastic with their teaching. They were always engaged and genuinely love their job.
Our safety is very importantly our school!!!
You have a lot to do through Southwestern Community College
It's amazing!!! Everything is so perfect!!
All the teachers go above and beyond to make you school years amazing!!
We are on a college campus and are treated as such
Sports, sports clubs, and social clubs are offered
I love this school and got more out of it for going
Teachers are specifically chosen for their jobs.
At Early College, I've always been welcome and I've always been challenged intellectually. So, for someone who is looking to be as intelligent as they can be, this is the perfect place for them.
It's school food, it's not the best but it definitely fills you up and fuels you for the rest of your day.
The administrative staff at Early College does a fantastic job of pushing students to be the best they can be inside the classroom, and within their own lives.
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The teachers at Early College and at South Western Community college are the most caring, intelligent, and genuinely fantastic people and teachers anyone could ask for. I feel like I am able to push the limits of my intelligence every time I step into the classroom.
There are plenty of clubs and activities that Early College students can get involved with through the Early College program and through the community college all Early College students attend.
Peer pressure and acceptance at the school are really not a problem. Like I said before, JCEC has a very small student body (a little over 100 students) so there are not really any cliques and everyone interacts with everyone. We are also improving on the ethnic diversity and sexual orientation. Everyone is welcome to JCEC with open arms.
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