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Jackson County Central Senior High School Reviews

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I liked the support from the community in sports involvement, the opportunities for after school clubs, the teachers willingness to work with the students on subjects that they may be struggling with. They had a wide variety of classes to take for electives.
Jackson County Central has a very strong academic program offering several electives to fuel every students interests as well as offering something new they may not have otherwise considered. Not only does Jackson County Central have strong academic programs driven by excellent staff, the district also offers several extracurricular activities from sports, clubs, theater and music. Students have a great opportunity here to really explore their talents through many different facets.
JCC is a very nice school with a lot of great people. Teachers get involved and will help you if needed. It is a great school to get an education.
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I would recommend JCC schools. They have provided me with the education and knowledge to lead me in the right direction to pursue the next stage in my life. The athletic program is also phenominal.
It's a good school, but the teachers and school lunches could be better. The students are very unfocused and the teachers don't really seem to care that students can't focus, it's kinda like your on your own if you need help. That's not all teachers though some of them really do care about how you understand the lesson and want to help.
My children are comfortable in the school environment. My son has been challenged in his classes which he likes, while our daughter tends to not achieve her best grades or does her best. Teachers do not ask her why she is not applying her best, or approach others in similar situation. This frustrates me. Teachers only approach student about applying their best, what struggles they may have or if their is another issue the teacher should be aware of only after parent(s) have stepped in. Small school, teachers have students from year to year sometimes and get to know students.
Student involvement is slowly declining in some areas due to favoritism and 'politics' between coaches and parents. This is found most places yet gets frustrating for students and parents. Costs of being in sports is rising - not just cost to participate, but of travel uniforms, shoes, etc. as well as parents travel costs. Time invested is sports is sometimes placed more important then students grades. Priorities are not always on education.
We have a new counselor, Tracy, to the high school this year and she is very efficient, friendly, great listener, personable, does not gossip, non threatening and easy to approach. Where for the previous years we did not have that at school. Tracy welcomes all to her office & follows up with students. She also really works at keeping seniors updated on deadlines for scholarships, getting information to their intended colleges and working with the students.
JCC offers drama, speech, math league, knowledge bowl, cheer, one act play, choir and band, Key Club, History Day oppurtunities
Juniors & seniors are given options of post secondary classes or advanced classes to challenge them selves, as well as, start their college adventure. Students can set up internships (shadowing) in areas they are considering for a future.
Principal is very aware of behavior in the halls, classrooms and at school events. He tries to instill respect in all, yet with some attitudes that is not always possible. He will joke with students, as well as, chat, walk with students (bullies and victims) and check up with them. He gives warnings first followed with in school suspension if bulling continues. Peers protect and step in when bulling is happening as well.
The different activates are great. A lot of different things for all students to like
The activities are very well at our school. the players and coaches are very involved and are excellent. the facticity's are excellent. Our school spirit is awesome.
The food is ok, but I wish it was as well as it was before the health law
The staff and the counselor do very well with keeping the polices and rules in the school
The academics is very good. The different departments do very well, however we just lost a foreign Lang teacher so out language department could be better. The Teachers are great and scheduling is good too.
Their are social groups in the school. It depends on what group but if its the "popular" or the "Jocks" group, they have a hard time accepting people. However most people accept people however, some religions and morals of people don't accept some people for who they are.
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the school has great facilities, such as gymnasium and theatre. the technology is updated and next year the students will use I pads. the counselor is great with students and takes care of them very well. Busing is very good to get the children around. college prep is great because the counselor helps with that
nice school, not so nice people,cant wait for college!
bullying goes unoticed, dress code not inforced
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