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The reasons I love Jackson Christian School is because of the Christian environment and the academics, including college preparation. First, I know that I will always have teachers and administration that will be there for me and guide me unto the right path. I am granted with the opportunity to worship God everyday. Also, the academics are outstanding in the way that it prepares us for college and our futures.
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Jackson Christian is a constantly changing family environment perfect for a blossoming child of any age. The teachers actually care about their students and their walk with God. Just by walking in the hall leaves you with a sense of awe. Not only is the education great, but strangely so is the food. Every morning the lunch staff prepare everything from scratch filling the school with the aroma of fresh protein with cookies and pie for dessert.
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Jackson Christian works very hard to better its students academically, emotionally, and spiritually. I appreciate their efforts. But sometimes they lack the ability to be consistent. Some people got called out on breaking the rules and some don't. They also have some very good teachers and some that don't seem to care.
I love our activities but we aren't that good at sports, so it isn't as fun.
There are lots of cliques at the school. Some people are heavily judged in secret. This school is great, but no school can be perfect.
Some of my classes are engaging and I really enjoy them. Some are boring and I can barely get through them.
State of the art security measures, locking doors to keep classrooms safe from possible intruders.... Elementary play area is gated for security also.
There is something for everyone!
We have state of the art security systems on campus, all doors lock at 8 a.m. to insure children stay in the safest environment as well as each teacher door locks as well to prevent a potential intruder entering the classroom. JC also has a sick room isolated away from heavy traffic areas to keep sick students in a quiet area until pick up and to prevent the spreading of germs. All aggressive behavior is addressed immediately to prevent bullying also.
Many Sports and Academic areas for any child..... The Theatre Arts program is fantastic as well! Our Administration always supports our athletic teams that make it to State ( such as Soccer and Baseball ) by including all campuses in theme nights for big games with rivals. We are truly a well rounded school!
The best investment in your child's education you can ever make!
These teachers have been on staff for years, which gives them the experience children need to challenge with proper curriculum, and yet control their classroom. We are a college prep school and will continue to stay on the cutting edge of technology as well learning strategies so the students can enter college with an advantage. We also offer dual credit classes for High School students. Our teachers can provide a traditional classroom environment as well as a hands on approach with our technology labs and work centers on each campus. Our teachers really have an honest desire to see these kids excel!
This is the best school.
I have had wonderful, helpful teacher that truly love me while at Jackson Christian. Also, having that time set aside everyday for chapel and Bible really has helped me grow in my relationship with Christ! The friends I have made at that school are friends that will last me a lifetime. Jackson Christian, for me, has been a tight knit family.
It is a very good college prep school. I feel challenged in the classroom. The teachers really care for their students and want what is best for them. They are hard sometimes but only want them to succeed in school and life. Most kids are nice and very welcoming. Also I think Dr. Benton is doing a great job as president and with the Lead Campaign.
I love the Christian atmosphere and the loving relationships you form with not only the students, but also with all of the staff. I enjoy the daily bible studies and the passion the teachers have for all the students. I know that they truly care for every child.
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Our teaching staff is pretty amazing If I say so myself. Most everyone is very knowledgable about their field and they use the iPads very effectively
We don't really fave peer pressure that much, but since we go to a Church of Christ school many people could possibly feel discrimination
We have so many options to choose from. Most of our clubs meet during school, but we have many after school activities like sports games, practices, and workouts
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