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Jackson Christian Middle/High School Reviews

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I really love everything about Jackson Christian!! The staff is great, the teachers are great, and the student body may be small, but it is full of amazing people!!
I liked the small class sizes and Christian environment. I disliked the brand of Christianity and its implementation, and I also disliked the variety of classes offered.
I love the Christian atmosphere there. You have chapel every Thursday and it is a new speaker each time. The teachers are all very supportive of you and always there to talk to. I would however, like to see one particular thing change. There is way too much favoritism for students whose parents are affiliated with the school. It is really amazing how much some students can get away with.
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I loved having small classes and common values with everyone, however, there was a lack of diversity.
Jackson Christian is a good school that has a true family atmosphere. As a parent I would feel comfortable letting my child go to anyone's home. Of the 30 kids in my son's graduating class, 13 had been together since kindergarten. Tuition assistance is available for those families needing help to meet school bills. Teachers are caring and many alumni have sent their children to be taught my the same teachers they had.
It is a very nice school full of many nice people. It is like a family here and everyone knows everyone. One thing I could change if I could would be that I wish more people came here so we could have more friends.
I want to change some things, but I love this school and I learned so many important life skills.
I think the kids are sheltered. They're all raised in a Christian home. They're prideful and don't understand the depth of sin. They have many inside jokes and they have a tendency to exclude people. We've become our own community. I think Christian education should have a different approach and getting accepted to JCS should be way more difficult. If people don't really care about their religious beliefs, they shouldn't call themselves Christians... It gives us a bad name. Christians at my school should care a lot more than they already do. There needs to be a revival at JCHS pray for us, please!
Our school is a very healthy and safe school. I normally feel very secure when I walk into school.
The school has overall an average facility. We could update a lot of things in the school though. The parents are pretty involved in the school and the guidance counselor is fantastic.
Most of the teachers are really good but there are some who are starting to get a little to old and have a hard time relating to the students
I don't know about this part of our school. What I have heard from other students about financial aid is that it is very helpful for people.
Our school has great authority but there are sometimes that situations aren't handled very well.
I play basketball and track and I love being on the team. I am also the president of NHS and that is such a great experience.
I have loved my experience at JCS because it is such a great Christian environment and it is preparing me for the real world.
The building is older. There are defiantly some things that could be updated but for the type of school it is very suitable.
There is not a lot of bullying in the school. The people in the school are generally safe.
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They have policies in place to keep the students on track to succeed. They do not always enforce the rules as well as they should but they do keep you to the rules they have set.
The school is very good at preparing you for really world experience. They teach you what you need to know to do well in college and beyond.
The school was very good at getting people involved in extracurriculars. They were also good at having several different choices.
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