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Jackson Central-Merry Academy of Medical Technology Reviews

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Well it's actually called Jackson Central Merry-Early College High School. The faculty and staff have been very supportive with making sure we are excelling in academics. They have also made sure that students are enrolled in classes at Jackson State Community College.
Classes offered in medical program were great!
Had some great teachers and some not so great teachers!
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The could have had more clubs.
The school had resource officers present.
I love my school ! Many people look down on our school and it's students because of the location . However my school does fairly well with academics and we have a great family environment within the school.
At JCM, I have met friends that I will have for a lifetime. This school has taught me a life lesson. It has taught me to apply myself and never say, "I can't". I can't is not even in my vocabulary because I believe in myself. There is a lot of hype about the school that I attend but you would have to attend to see what I see. As i am writing this, our school system is fighting to close our school. They want to shut us down because they feel like the student are not capable of learning and we do not care. I would hate to see such a historical school waste away.At Jackson-Central Merry, the one thing you can say about us is that we are a family. Our teachers care about what happens to us and they care about our grades. They care because the want us to overcome adversity. I know teachers don't get paid to care but these teacher take their job seriously. I don't regret a single day at this because JCM is my home. I know that when I graduate in the year of 2016, I will be well prepared for college.
Nothing exciting went on there because students didn't know how to behave
It shows that a school can shape you in many ways
If you want some thing or don't eat something make your own lunch
Our school is old so its understandable
We really have not had a bad incident so I really can't say
I would not have chosen another place. I went to another high school, but I came back because JCM was better.
Not a very good variety for people who have special diets.
The school weeds out the bad teachers, and the ones who stay are good and helpful.
We don't have great facilities, unless you play football.
There aren't too many options, but the clubs that we do have are good ones. Sports are big, and games are fun to watch or play.
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It have not been as fun as I thought. Only thing I have gotten out of this school is the vocational classes. Those classes have taught me a lot. If I had a choose to do it all over again I wouldn't!
They do not have much to choose from but for it to be school cafeteria lunch it is pretty decent.
The amount of school spirit usually depends on who we are playing that day. If we played our rival school, school spirit would be hectic. Which means more people would attend that event. We have our weak sports and our strong sports but we just always try to make the best out of it all.
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