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This school is terrible. We were told our son didn't fit the mold in this district. The superintendent threatened to "make our lives miserable" if we didn't cooperate with changing his class and when we met with the principal about changing his class, she said if we didn't change his class, he would be removed from school. He's 5! We were told we lived in district prior to school starting and then once they started saying he needed special services, we were suddenly told we are not in the district and when I told the superintendent I was going to contact ODE regarding the issue, he got violently mad and accused me of threatening him. We aren't the only ones this has happened to. A friend of our family went to this school 20 years ago and was removed because he didn't "fit the mold" and didn't "come from money". It disgusts me that they are getting away with this type of culture at this school.
There isn't much to do around Jackson Center.
We have great coaches and sports teams, only downside we do not offer soccer.
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We have some teachers who are not willing to actually teach their students. We only have two AP classes, but we have a decent amount of dual enrollment courses. Scheduling sucks, the school guidance counselor does not do her job and does not seem to care about the students. She has e-mailed parents about scheduling of other students, nothing is private.
It is disgusting and often find hair in the food or served expired food, for example we were served sour cream that was over a month expired.
There are so many opportunities the school offers! I am involved from band all the way up to cheer and basketball. I am lucky to live where I am because not many schools allow female basketball players to participate in cheer. I am in about every club and organization in our high school and love every minute of it.
My school has a great student sections and amazing school spirit. But that's not all, the community is really supportive! The town has special decorations for the different sports seasons.
The food isn't the greatest but its eatable. My school offers reduce lunches for families in need, which is pretty great. We have a salad bar and plenty of snacks and fruits. There could be a little more variety for students with special dietary needs.
We have dual enrollment and 2 AP classes. That's it... I wish we had more AP classes and some different teachers but other than that I think my school is fairly well. The school workload and curriculum is about average.
I love my school. I have a class of 32 students and we are all close friends. I have also been able to experience many different opportunities that have made me the person I am today. I am going to miss it but I am going to keep the great memories in my heart forever.
My school is average for a small town.
This school has a minimum level of peer pressure. Over-all I think my high school does really well with acceptance and dealing different challenges regarding diversities.
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