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Jackson Academy has provided opportunities, challenges, and experiences I could not find anywhere else. The teachers at Jackson Academy are inexpressibly astounding and go out of their way to help students understand material. Not only do the teachers care for students’ education, they are also personally interested in students as they support us in sports, theater, college searches, and daily occurrences. The students also have an impactful voice on campus. If a large body of students notice a reasonable change that needs to occur, the staff will listen and has often helped make these changes happen. The only thing I wish to see changed about Jackson Academy is the push for students to consider schools outside of the Southeast. Although colleges in the Southeast are perfectly fine, many students do not even consider anywhere else becuase they are only encouraged to go to schools in the Southeast.
Jackson Academy is an incredible school to attend. I graduated a few years ago and I can honestly say JA prepared me better than I could have imagined. They don’t only prepare you for college but for life. While at JA I felt as though if was a huge family. JA is very unique in the way that all students know each other and no one seems to be left out. Younger students look up to the older students and JA does a lot to incorporate the two. Overall JA is certainly one of the best schools in the state and the southeast.
Jackson Academy has been amazing. Between the students, teachers, and staff, everyone can find where they belong. Although the school is private and therefore smaller than most schools, it has opportunities in athletics, arts, academics, and extracurricular like the outdoor club or the chess club. As an AP student, I feel as if the school has greatly prepared me for my exams and has shaped me into a better student. The teachers care for their students' wellbeings and often come to our events to support us. The school has a very supportive, loving environment that causes you to become a better and more well-rounded person without even realizing it.
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I love the atmosphere of a community. You really feel like everyone appreciates everybody. I would like to see some more freedom for the students. More freedom would come with more responsibility which means our staff trusts us.
Jackson Academy is an excellent college preparatory school. I've always felt welcomed. I love all of the class options at Jackson Academy. The classes will make you extremely prepared for college!
Jackson Academy is a great school but unfortunately, it has fallen into the same bucket as MRA. A once great school (top 3 in state) that will see its eventual collapse academically because of athletic obsession. I came to JA to escape MRA's disdain for intuition, creativity, academic extra curricular activities, and academics in general. JA will be in total ruins in six to seven years if not much sooner if they continue to attempt to rid themselves of the thing they always had, a wonderful academic environment. If only JA would realize that things like business electives, pre law clubs/or class, debate teams, and such are what will save the school; not allowing students to reach their academic potential will be their death if not the crime of the city of Jackson and their obsession with sports.
I have enjoyed JA so far I am a senior this year graduating and I hope to major in nursing at Southern Miss
I'm in love with Jackson Academy, and the amount of opportunities it's offered me. I'm in my 3rd year here, and my senior year, and I've already been accepted into my college. The people are friendly and the staff is well prepared and willing to help. The only thing I wish would change would be its diversity. For years, it's been labeled as an institute that was created on racism. I'm African American and I can tell you that I've never felt safer on a campus. I'm not judged or looked at because of my color. It's a great school.
I love this school. I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to fit in, but JA has a niche for everyone. One thing is the uniform code. Dressing in other things other than uniforms or school spirit would be nice. Other than that JA is a wonderful place!
You wear uniforms, but it is not that bad because no one ever makes fun of how you dress. Every one in administration knows the students, it's wonderful.
JA strives to be a shcool of excellence both through academics and extra curricular activities. I hope that the faculty focuses on the students and shows compassion towards them.
This school does an excellent job of preparing students for life after high school. The academics are challenging and the students excel on the athletic fields as well as in performing and visual arts. We have one of the most accomplished small marching bands in the country and the show choir has been going over recent years. As a senior I have also noticed an increase in school spirit over the last few years with more students attending events like volleyball and soccer games.
This school is all about family. The motto of the school is "all in one". They made every one feel like they belonged no matter how different they were. The color of your skin, your religion, or sexuality didn't make you feel different at this school. It was a place to spend time with your second family and get an education. It was academically challenging sometimes, but I knew that I could always get extra help from my teachers.
The teaching staff at Jackson Academy were amazing.They prepare you for tests and for a bright future. They wanted to see all of there students successful. Everyone was nice and understanding if there was a problem. They would even help work around your schedule if it was needed. They cared more than you would expect. The homework was not to heavy, but enough to learn the material. They were all great!!!
I almost wish I could stay instead of having to go to college. Every summer the school is renovated. Many new programs and initiatives have been started, initiated by students, and the faculty listens to our suggestions.
I have loved all of my teachers; they have all taught me something for my future. My teachers actively use technology in the classroom because our school provides laptops, iPads, and iPods. The teachers are knowledgeable, engaging, and care about the students. The teachers communicate lessons well and are available outside of class for extra help. Grading is extremely consistent–I have never really heard of an unfair grade.
I always feel very safe at school because there are many security guards on campus and there is a police officer. we are well protected. We have a school nurse that is always available but since she has to cover the whole school and she teaches classes it can sometimes be hard to find her. I have never felt like I was in any danger at this school.
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I have so many great memories at my school and I have made friends that I will stay in touch with forever. There is not a bullying problem like in most schools which is nice. Everyone get along pretty well. All of the students use computers to do their work which is pretty unique. If I were to do school all over again I would definitely stay at Jackson Academy.
The teachers are always understanding and are extremely helpful. They are willing to put in extra time just to make sure a student understands a topic. All of the teachers have different teaching methods so that helps prepare us for the future. They learn about us and our families and seem genuinely concerned with their students problems. They have always been kind and have taught very well.
We have the best teachers in the state.
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