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Jacksboro High School is an incredible school district. Through many tragedies and student deaths in the past year the school has given endless amounts of support to the student body and encouraged the students to learn from out fellow classmates and continue to push ourselves despite the challenges we have faced. The school district has amazing teachers and very encouraging faculty that help make the school a safe and comfortable place for all students.
There's not a whole lot to not like about this school. The teachers provide endless support, students are willing to help each other, and the club involvement is tremendous. In just the local FFA Chapter alone there are approximately 260 members.
I really liked the people at JHS, however, I wish they would listen to the students opinions more often and change the dress code to match everyone.
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I like that it's a small school and you are able to have one on one with your teachers and classmates but most of the time the work we are given is just busy work that we don't learn off of. Every teacher just pushes through subjects so that we were able to go over everything before the STAAR test which isn't very good because we never actually learn. The school activities and sports are enjoyable and the parent involvement is great. It's not a terrible school at all but there is a few things that could be changed but most changes all require money and the struggle of following guidelines that the school has to follow.
I have grown up in Jacksboro and will attend jacksboro through 12th grade. I am very comfortable here and love the people I have practically been associated with since kindergarten.
The teachers at JHS are very hand on, and consistent in all aspects of teaching throughout the day/year
Actual clubs are very few in number. There is Art, Spanish, Beta, NHS, and Ag clubs, but other than that there isn't really any other options.
Teachers come both ways in my school. There are some really good teachers, and then there are some bad ones.
Our school is very safe. There is a school cop who is always on campus, and safe drills are practiced regularly, so that everyone knows what to do if something goes wrong in the school. I have never seen or heard of any bullying instances. The school is probably one of the safest places in town to be.
Most of the teachers are willing to work with you if they like you. Some of the teachers, you can tell, don't put any effort into actually teaching, but other teacher will actually help you learn. It's about a fifty fifty turn out over all.
Its really 50/50 for me. I love the friends I made here. Some of the teachers are the best I've ever had, but some are the worst too. Our school is known for its agriculture classes, but I think the better classes would be the band and theater groups. there is a since of family that you get from spending hours together, though practice and compositions. Its really an experience like no other.
We have all new schools in all areas. Every part of our school is top of the line.
My children are safe and happy at school. They have locked doors and drills. Also live feed cameras montoring the doors. You can get buzzed in after they confirm who you are.
I moved here for the school system. I love the small town values and stability it has given my children.
The teachers are very dedicated to their jobs, and are always making sure all students understand the curriculum. The teachers also give students every possibility to receive help in all subjects.
alot of options but because of required dues not everyone can afford to participate since we are a poor school district
There is extreme favortism based on how much money the parents have. Priinciple leaves all decisions to teachers who definately have favorites and rules are only enforced on the good kids the trouble makers rule the school
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students are pretty accepting of others and since it is a small school there is alot of student involvement
coaches don't let everyone play they pick favorites mostly based on the parents bank balance
Workload is manageable but upper level science classes are not available and the science teachers we have for Chemistry and Physics did not know their subject well
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