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Jackpot Junior High School Reviews

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easy access to all doors
The teachers at my school are very nice and helpful. They know what they are doing and try to help as much as possible.
The staff was very helpful.
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My teachers were very nice people. They gave us time in class to do our homework so I never really had any.
At my school I didn't have to deal with all the negativity. Other people might, but I have never encountered it.
My school is great at safety. They lock the doors from the outside so we could get out, but not back in through the same door. you would have to go to the front. Every other Monday we would have an anti-bullying meeting. It would last about 30 minutes and we would do different thing to try to stop bullying.
Overall I love this school. The teachers have more time to focus on all of the students and not two or three. Like I've said it's all combined so there's only one school for k-12. There is two buildings for elementary and high school, but other than that its combined. I don't think I would ever want to leave this school I love the characters and the environment of it.
I love all the sports my school has. Now because we are a smaller school, we might not have the whole variety that bigger schools have. We have Volleyball, Track and Field, Basketball, Cheerleading, Football, and Golf. It might not seem like a lot, but for a small school it is. All the Coaches try their best to make us better, and their all kind.
I love sports, and my favorite sport is volleyball. Our Coaches try their best to train us until the next game, and its overall very fun. There is also an organization that some of the other kids go to. The after school is loads of fun from what I've heard. I didn't have the chance to go. You have a bunch of fun stations that mix all of your subjects. After all the stations you get to go outside and play games, and that is like sports.
I like my schools food because they have a variety of salads, fruits, vegetables, and meats. They always have healthy food options and if you have an allergy to the food they will help you out.
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