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My experience at Jackpot high school is good. I enjoy it because it's not a very big campus and there aren't any students at this school. So its easy to get help when you need it or when you are struggling on a subject. Everybody knows everybody and everybody gets along very well. Its a small school but it does make you feel welcomed.
My experience with Jackpot High School has been a good time. I have been in this school for the past twelve years and in my time I have learned things that will help me in the long run. What I like about this school is that the teachers care about your education. What I would like to change is the time we have for classes in some classes time just flies by.
Jackpot High is a great small school with a friendly community. There is about 5 to 20 students in each class, which gives you a great opportunity to have one on one time with your teachers. The only disadvantage is there is not a lot of opportunities like other schools have.
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No is no really safety at this school
There are some opportunities but they are a minimum of extracurricular opportunities because we are a small school.
I don't if I'll come back to this school because how the staff is, but love this school because of my friends and some teachers.
A few do care about what they are teaching, but some don't care
The majority of the students are hispanic. Peer pressure, bullying, and cliques are very minimal. Most students are involved with sports.
You take the required classes to graduate and then you either take an art class, music class, workshop class, or an extra academic class.
Sometimes the police will come and sit in the lobby. Visitors are required to sign in before coming in. We are required to go to bully meetings every other week. Theres only been 2 people that I've known of that have gotten busted for drugs.
There are not many clubs offered. The clubs that are offered have low student attendance. The clubs don't get much commitment and usually the only administration support they get are the teachers assigned to be in charge of the club.
I went to a huge school before moving to Jackpot. The teachers here are very helpful, and this school is great for any student. You get one on one time with every teacher, you can join a sport without try-outs, and you grow very close to other students. There is very little bullying and hardly ever any problems. All the students who attend are generally happy and more successful.
The teachers want their students to succeed. They stay after hours for tutoring and will do anything they can to help the students. Some teachers are hard to be around because they only don't seem to care. They teaching styles of mist teachers is great for students and helps the students. All teachers have a certain grading style and keep consistent with it. We are never scared about how we are going to be graded. There are a couple teachers the students have a hard tie being around because of bad communication and because they dislike they teacher. These teachers don't like to listen to the students and are closed minded.
We don't have anything for after clubs except for FBLA. I guess you can say we don't have the funds for clubs and when we did, they were cut.
There aren't many teachers that get you prepared for the real world. The counselor doesn't really seem to care about us after we get accepted into a college and so the lack of encouragement is upsetting.
The classes are average, some classes don't give homework but the math class is a lot to handle. You get homework every night to help you remember what you had just learned but it can be overwhelming. The classes are okay though.
Some of the teachers are amazing and then there are some teachers that get lazy and just don't want to put in much effort anymore. While some teachers get you to learn real life things, others just want you to graduate and leave.
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My high school is like 95% Hispanics. With that, you aren't really pressured to do anything but with the kids at my school, they will talk to you about like drinking on weekends and such. People are accepting because everyone is like family here.
Some of the teaches are getting lazy. The maintenance man hardly does anything so my school is almost always falling apart. My counselor does her job but when I needed support from her when applying for colleges, she doubted my abilities and said I wasn't going to get into college.
Sure there is fruits and vegetables but it seems like they go off of this idea that if a label says its made with some sort of fruit juice, its fruit. The same with chips and junk, potatoes in it? Oh, then it must be healthy. The school food is gross, sometimes we get something good but you better get in the front of the line or it could be gone.
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