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Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy Reviews

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This is a pluralistic day school that has outstanding teachers and creates a caring, supportive learning community. I attended for seven years and had an outstanding experience there.
I did not enjoy my time at Barrack. The stuff was incredibly unsupportive of their students and the academics were incredibly challenging. I would change the treatment of students.
My kids are challenged, nurtured and pushed to be the best person, student and friend they can be! I appreciate how diverse the community is and how the teachers go above and beyond every day.
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There are many clubs to choose from, as well as several publications, sports, and performing arts
They go above and beyond to be creative and flexible in their teaching. They truly care about the students and make themselves available for extra help.
They have installed a guard at the front door to address recent safety threats.
There is a huge number of varied clubs, several publications, sports, drama and more.
We couldn't be happier with our daughter's experience at this school. She has been challenged and nurtured, engaged and heard. Her teachers have taken a personal interest in her development. The drama department has been her home and has given her opportunities to grow in her chosen field.
A nurse was recently hired.
Very stressful but worth it in the end.
Teachers are always available for students
I have never felt unsafe at Barrack. While the school nurse is not always the best she is always available to help.
This school has shaped me into the person that I am today. It allowed me to not only grow as a person but also as a young Jewish individual. My favorite experience was my time studying abroad in Israel with my class for three months, and experience that will help me transition to college next year.
The school offers Kosher dining to all students on a lunch plan based off of trimesters.
Most of the students rarely have disciplinary problems and the parents are very involved in school decisions.
While sports are not really a selling point of this school over half of the student body participates in sports. We do not have a football team and lack some facilities but every team has a chance on the field and the practices are well scheduled.
A huge draw to this school is the support that the teachers provide the students. They are always available to help outside of class and I am alway comfortable approaching a teacher for help.
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There is an abundance of activities that students can participate in and if they find that there is an activity not offered they have the full support of the administration to start a club or program.
In order to attend the school you need to be Jewish, which is the only selective part of the admissions process.
Excess staffing in this department in relation to school staffing
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