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Jack London Middle School Reviews

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Everyone is there to help and make you feel safe.
All teachers are happy to spend time out of the classroom.
The teachers made school fun to go to everyday.
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The teachers at Jack London Middle School go above and beyond any typical expectation. They make sure every student has their homework and class work done, and that it makes sense. When a child is in middle school, they still may be at an age where they are scared to approach a teacher for help. At London the teachers go out of their way and make time to help the student. Every teacher is fun, knowledgeable, and caring. They know that all the students at their school may not have a great home life or the basic home needs, but they make sure school is an outlet from that. They make it fun and make it a priority to make each and every student smile every day. The teachers at Jack London are truly amazing and inspiring people.
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