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Singley Academy is a school where they prepare students for the future and really make them start thinking about college at an early age. That really helped me because it made go out look for more opportunities to find scholarships and financial aid so when time comes I am prepared. A change I would like to see at the campus would be that they add sports to the school because I feel like the studentd would be more involved with the school.
Even though it wasn’t a traditional high school, going to Singley (a career-oriented high school) was the one of the best decision I made. Not only were the teachers amazing, but I was able to discover my passions and interest without worry. I made connections with friends and faculty that will last me a lifetime. I wouldn’t ever trade my experience at this school, it’s absolutely phenomenal.
My experience at Jack E. Singley was very nice. I really like the A day and B day schedule. It gave me more time to do homework and to do other activities after school. Especially when you reach senior year. With senior out, you would get out even earlier since I was done with all my core classes. The teachers were great and the diversity is unreal. Definitely a great way to learn about new cultures and to make new friends. Also they really focus you on your career field whether its engineering, Medical field, etc. I'm glad I attended Jack E. Singley Academy, it was the best decision I made.
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Jack E. Singley Academy is a good school that offers study programs for many different careers. I studied under the engineering specialty, and I learned many fundamentals of engineering and how to use some software. This is school is the right choice for someone who wants to take high school serious and prepare for their college education.
The "specialty" departments at this school really provide a great avenue to students who can start looking towards what they are passionate about early. While I was attending this high school, some changes occurred, such as specialties being taken out of the school program and new ones added in. While this could have been a wise decision, the art programs were disposed of and programs like Home Security and Fire Department were added instead. Overall, the teachers, counselors, and administrators really do love their jobs, care about the difference they make in students' lives, and try their best to teach them well; however, the gimmick of the school, i.e. the specialties, does little to further a student's career prospects because only a few of these specialties offer certificates or experience.
My experience here was not bad at all . As a graduate, I have connected so much with most of my teachers whom I will dearly miss. They were more than just “teachers” , they were someone I came to trust . I love how this school focuses on the career path YOU want to take and prepares you with such hands on experiences .
Attending this school for about 3 years has been amazing I've learned many things. This school gives more opportunities than a regular high school. Attending this school gave me the opportunity to be apart of the dental class and being able to become a registered dental assistant. Its amazing how we can receive this registered assistant certificate while we are still in high school and at age around 17 years old. When people who are taking college classes to accomplish this. Its a wonderful experience to attend this school, I really recommended it!
I really enjoyed the opportunity to take classes that were career based. I still keep in touch with many of my teachers. When I started college, I was so thankful for the lessons I had been taught by my English teachers and my CTE teachers. My time at Singley could have been better if we have sports teams however our career pathways have special clubs that kind of help us show our school pride.
Very friendly students and staff. Administrator like to get to know the students and help lead them on the right path.
The administrators need to learn how to care for the students especially the seniors. Its their last year let them have fun stop taking things away because of the mistakes the previous class makes.
This school is great for students who are ready to focus on career studies. Participants are provided with a dual enrollment at our local college to receive credit for their major. For example, a medical student could graduate with medical studies recognized as college courses. Therefore the student could immediately start working in their future career field.
It was fun to be part of the Culinary program since we could get hands-on experience with making the food for our peers and teachers. We also received our food certification which made it much easier to find jobs in the food industry. Most of the teachers I had were friendly and were cool. Most students are encouraged to take AP or Honors classes and I honestly forgot 'regulars' classes existed.
One of the counselors, the one I had, honestly seemed to enforce her opinion on students when it came to AP classes. She would not let me get out and told me to just skip the AP exam. She did not tell me I would have to around $100 and I want to assume it wasn't on purpose but she should know better than to tell a student to skip an exam they would have to pay. Once saw a girl CRYING because this counselor would not let her get out of an AP class and that she would be punished by her mother for failing.
A counselor is supposed to guide you on personal/education problems,NOT be the cause of it.
Jack E Singley has many wonderful resources for students. The way the classes are set up to help you explore career paths is so nice. I am not into athletics, so this school was perfect for me. Its all academics! I met a lot of amazing and dedicated teachers at this school as well.
Jake E. Singley Academy is a great high school full of amazing teacher who care and want to help you succeed I life.
Jack E. Singley Academy is a great and diverse school. This school has been very supportive of me and my pursuit for higher education. I love everything about this school and only wish that sports were part of the school. Although we don't have a sports program, we do have other things that make up for it like the great specialty classes.
What I love about my school is that we have an amazing medical program. I learned how to take peoples blood pressure and also how to take out blood.
Very helpful environment. Teachers are flexible with their schedules to help students better themselves. Majority of the times kids are in check. Would like to see more rules being enforced so that the school, as a whole, gets better.
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I enjoyed the architecture of Jack E. Singley Academy. It is very well built and offers a nice look that matches the atmosphere of the students as well as the faculty.
I liked the Pasta Carole they serve for lunch when it is not dry. There are always fire drills at a consistent rate. Not to mention the fact that there used to be a rat, mice, cricket, ant, and cockroach problem.
I love how Jack E. Singley Academy is built upon a foundation for career advancement. One can pursue certification in an specialty one desires, starting in their freshman year. I can definitely say that I've learned a lot from attending this school.
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