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Jack E. Singley Academy has helped me focus on my future and making the best decisions to benefit my future. The faculty is tremendously helpful and want to make sure that you succeed. The only problem I have is the other students. Some of the other students are not as career-oriented as the others and can be distracting. However, that is not something that the faculty can fix without keeping it a public school. Other than that, I love my school and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.
Every one at Jack E. Singley Academy act like they want to be there. You always see students trying to improve and compete with every school and person. Though we do not have sports, Singley does have outstanding academics and teachers that are willing to help you through anything. It’s almost as if everyone is united as one. The school also has so many cultures that each student embraces. It is so amazing how such a diverse group of people can come together and still respect everyone’s beliefs and actions. One thing I would change though is the school breakfast and lunch. The food is very bland and does not give a good variety of options to eat. Almost every breakfast they have is made up of chocolate or some other unhealthy ingredient. When they do serve fruit or vegetables, they taste unnatural.
Throughout my four years in this high school, I am grateful for the experience I gained. Depending on the class, some teachers prepared us, the students, for college. Many of my teachers pushed us to the best of our ability while others sole purpose was to teach. There are numerous clubs in which students can participate. Some of which involve different cultures. The diversity at the school is remarkable. There are several things I like about Jack E. Singley Academy. It is known for its various specialties such as medical, culinary, and law. I am currently in the medical specialty and it is by far the best experience I've had. Not only do I learn about the world of medicine but the classes are very hands-on. At the end of the junior or senior year, students can receive their certification and work at where they desire. Overall, I'd like to see a bit more college readiness and involvement. Also, the majority of the time, not many students are aware of an ongoing school event.
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Singley is a great school and kept me on track to graduate early while also pursuing my medical pathway. I do wish we had sports here instead of having to commute.
Jack E Singley Academy is a career readiness school. Once you are accepted, each student is placed in athe Specialty of their choice. In the school each student is trained in their field of choice, whether it be Culinart, Medical, Law, Engineering, or Computer Graphics. I believe the school does a really good job in the training it gives each student. There is hands on engagement is a major part in each Specialty, in Culinary you learn to use a knife properly and learn sanitary procedures for an eating establishment, in Meducal you learn the anatomy of a human and important medieval terms , etc. I believe Jack E Singley Acadamy can help each student reach their academic goals little by little with the help of the educators in their Specialty and in Core Subject courses as well.
I liked my teachers and I also liked my counselor. I also liked the students that went on to become my friends. I wish there were more diversity but I was able to meet people from all walks of life.
The best high school in Irving!! I am a senior at Singley and I have had so many amazing opportunities that the school has given me. I have an internship during school at a local hospital, while other students have internships (some of them are paid internships) at the city jail, local fire house, or a para-legal office. It is a great experience for students who are driven and can well prepare them for their career.
At Jack E. Singley Academy I have the opportunity to prepare for my future. We have many types of career oriented courses that allows us to explore different areas of careers to find what were passionate about. This school is different from all other other schools because of education and also because of the major diversity. I am pretty confident about my academics, I'm sure that I can get into a college and continue on with my education and my medical classes so I can be able to use all of that knowledge when I become a pediatrician in the future.
Jack E. Singley Academy is a school which focuses on preparing students for their future, whether that is a 4- year college or joining the army. This school offers many resources to help students have an easy transition from high school to college. Although this school does not have any sports, it does allow students to commute to another school so they may participate in any sports or extracurricular activities.
I like the amount of diversity the school has and I love the amount of support the teacher gives to you. I would like to change the school into a more competitive school with sports.
A lot of different specialties to pick from that prepare you for the career field that their connected to. For example dental classes at singley are classes that will give you your certificate as a dental hygienist and you won’t have to go to college for it.
The teachers are extremely helpful and caring towards the students. The different specialties help students take major steps toward their careers.
Jack E. Singles Academy is a very nice diverse school that offers hands on technical practice in different career fields. This implies to make my school very unique as it separates the common ideology of school to something of a perspective in which we are being trained early on the specific work field we contended to base our future work life to be as.
Jack E. Singley Academy is a career oriented school where students are prepared for the future by receiving education based off STEM fields. My personal experience as a medical specialty student is that I've received the best in terms of instruction and practice to strive towards greater goals within the healthcare field in the future.
Singley Academy is a school where they prepare students for the future and really make them start thinking about college at an early age. That really helped me because it made go out look for more opportunities to find scholarships and financial aid so when time comes I am prepared. A change I would like to see at the campus would be that they add sports to the school because I feel like the studentd would be more involved with the school.
Even though it wasn’t a traditional high school, going to Singley (a career-oriented high school) was the one of the best decision I made. Not only were the teachers amazing, but I was able to discover my passions and interest without worry. I made connections with friends and faculty that will last me a lifetime. I wouldn’t ever trade my experience at this school, it’s absolutely phenomenal.
My experience at Jack E. Singley was very nice. I really like the A day and B day schedule. It gave me more time to do homework and to do other activities after school. Especially when you reach senior year. With senior out, you would get out even earlier since I was done with all my core classes. The teachers were great and the diversity is unreal. Definitely a great way to learn about new cultures and to make new friends. Also they really focus you on your career field whether its engineering, Medical field, etc. I'm glad I attended Jack E. Singley Academy, it was the best decision I made.
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Jack E. Singley Academy is a good school that offers study programs for many different careers. I studied under the engineering specialty, and I learned many fundamentals of engineering and how to use some software. This is school is the right choice for someone who wants to take high school serious and prepare for their college education.
The "specialty" departments at this school really provide a great avenue to students who can start looking towards what they are passionate about early. While I was attending this high school, some changes occurred, such as specialties being taken out of the school program and new ones added in. While this could have been a wise decision, the art programs were disposed of and programs like Home Security and Fire Department were added instead. Overall, the teachers, counselors, and administrators really do love their jobs, care about the difference they make in students' lives, and try their best to teach them well; however, the gimmick of the school, i.e. the specialties, does little to further a student's career prospects because only a few of these specialties offer certificates or experience.
My experience here was not bad at all . As a graduate, I have connected so much with most of my teachers whom I will dearly miss. They were more than just “teachers” , they were someone I came to trust . I love how this school focuses on the career path YOU want to take and prepares you with such hands on experiences .
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