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Some parts of Hays are great, for example, several of the teachers are fantastic. That being said, there are still a ton of unnecessary problems, such as frequent fights, drug problems within the student body, etc.. Additionally, administrators make lots of pointless rules that even the teachers dislike, like requiring us to go through the same powerpoint on school rules in every class period on the first day and then again every day in a different class for the entire first week, two annual mandatory essays in each class,regardless of the subject matter, etc.
Hays i would say is not the best. Reasoning because of the administration. My friends have been laughed at by the administration because they reported somebody being racist towards them. And the school lunches are disgusting and tastes processed, the school is way to crowded with around 3,000 people in the school, and we don’t even have lockers. I want the full high school experience and WE DONT HAVE LOCKERS. i wanted to feel like i was in high school musical but okay. The school also is somewhat focused on dress code because it’s distracting when it’s just shoulders..... just being taken out of class, changing, the whole process of it is ridiculous and is more distracting than showing a little bit of shoulders. The school is also really boring, we had like 2 pep rally’s in the beginning of the year and spirit week that’s it. they don’t try to make school a little bit eventful so kids would actually want to come to school.
Hays High School is a fair school that helps their students, but doesn't reach out to the extreme in order to help prepare for college.
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A lot of homophobia and racism. Many fights. Overall a safe area and very large with a decent number of students. Good educational program mostly.
I transferred to Hays High School my junior year and I knew nobody when I started the first day. Throughout my junior year I met many people and very few of them were genuine friends. I was also very quiet and I would like to see the teachers include the introverted students more and ensure that one or a few students do not lead an entire conversation.
For the most part, the education provided is substantial. However, some classes are difficult learning environments due to teachers that are hard to work with or classes filled with people who don't care about their education.
Jack C. Hays is a large school with the student population being around 3,000. This factor limits the attention and overall care given to individual students. During my time at Hays, I’ve found that my specific handicaps and needs to understand the curriculum are overlooked to simply get the information across. Many students are not given the opportunity to improve their understanding because the school must look out for the entire student body, rather than individuals benefits. This is not an easily solved problem and I do not blame the school for this difficulty in educating students. I would like to solve this problem, but a solution is not effortlessly achieved without taking into account many unsupportive factors.
I like some of the teachers but overall the school is behind the times, openly discriminatory, classes arent advanced, we are full and overworked, the school could definitely improve. 4/10, would not recommend going here.
Jack C. Hays High School is a really good CTE school. The CTE programs are very beneficial in helping students get into a major in college that they are interested in. They also help students get jobs straight out of high school. I would prefer a looser dress code, so that students can express themselves more.
what I like most a bout Jack c Hays High School is the diversity and the staff is so friendly . what i wanted to change is that student should get more college readiness help , and there should be more student involvement in school.
I am a Senior at Jack C. Hays high school and I have been here for four years of my high school career. I have many memories at this school and they are all good ones. My brothers also attended this school and they are five years older than me so I have been in this community for a long period of time to see the life of a high school person. I have had a very fun high school life playing baseball traveling to the home and away games for football and basketball and most importantly playing baseball with my friends and teammates also known as my family.
I like this school because of the sports and the area of where it is in. Very friendly staff and students.
I liked the sports to see the difference over the years. Our football team is doing way better then the past years. We lost only 2 games this year. And volleyball did good too. Now were just waiting on the other sports to start to see how good we do. Overall senior year has been the best.
I love this school because they taught me all the things i know now. The sports here at this school is very motivating because of all the students with school spirit. the teachers show lots of passion and effort in what they do and that teaches a lot of kids that teachers care want kids to succeed.
I have had a good high school experience but if I could change one thing it would be the student body size. We are way too over populated which causes there be crowding in classrooms to the point where there aren't enough rooms for classes and teachers have to share or a teacher will have two classes in one period, teaching two different subjects.
Hays High School offers a course called Project Lead The Way, a non-profit organization that develops STEM curriculum. Over the four years in high school, the classes you are going to take are Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, Medical Intervention, and Biomedical Innovations.
Junior year, I started focussing on my future. I took classes that would help me with my major. I am so glad that Hays offers the PLTW program because it is exactly what I need to prepare me for my career. Junior year I took HBS, MI, and Anatomy and Physiology. The HBS and MI classes that I took were taught by the same teacher, so we became close; Ms. Burgess is by far my favorite teacher at Hays. I am now a Senior and am taking the final class in the PLTW program, BI. We have the opportunity to go the the Seton Medical Center and shadow the nurses and doctors for 6 weeks. I am eager to be going to Seton because I think that by following the doctors, I will be able to pinpoint my career.
Hays High school is a good school but is starting to have too many kids and I don't like so many kids going to one school. The food is better this year than it was last year.
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During my 4 years at Jack C Hays High school it has made me the person I am today. The environment, the people and the hard workers we have in our community. All of these reasons makes you wanna succeed and strive for greatness for your people back home. Everybody cares, that's why I love my town and my high school. The academics are spectacular here and Hays High school and the sports. I have been a baseball player here at Hays for the past 4 years and some of my best memories will be there on that old Hays Baseball field that my dad also played on when he went to High school here. This school has changed my life with so much opportunity's that it has given me. I will truly miss this place seeing my friends and teachers everyday in the halls and in class. But it is time for better things and to really start my life and to make a name for myself and Im ready for the challenge.
They are a great school and they know exactly how to prepare you for the future. They take time out of their personal life to stay before and after school to tutor us and keep up our grades. They give us many opportunities to search for the best career fit to us. They have a great variety of electives for you to explore and see what your interested in. This school is dedicated to our safety and education and will do anything to see us succeed. The administration puts 100% all the time and never do anything to discourage us. The councelors actually take their time to sit down with us and talk abouot our paths and what they can do to help us. Ive never had a teacher that I don tlike throughout all of my four years here.
My experience with the school so far as a senior was that the school was able to give me tons a memories that ill forever cherish. The school spirit that the students had at the football games was incredible. It was great to see tons of students come together to show how they represent their school.
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