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Well, my experience has been based on actual facts and also many diversities. I wish there was more hands on in some classes, but I guess it’s college readiness.
Jack C. Hays is a school that has not helped me grow. I am taught to the exam. I do not know much about reading fast, or filing my taxes. Hays is fun because of football season but besides that the school is boring.
I liked the structure teachers provide for students to learn. I don’t like the lack of diversity, and equality.
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The school has great resources but the administration is unorganized and doesn't appear to really care about the teachers or students.
Hays high is a very good school. As an incoming senior i'm excited. The clubs are worth your time here and i can see that the school really cares for its students.
Consistency is the one thing I wish to see at hays high school. I've had some of the best teachers there passionate about their job and eager to teach students. However, there is the other side of the coin. There are certain teachers who simply don't care about their students and make no effort to make sure the students learn the material. The administration makes questionable decisions at best and allows "fun" to be nonexistent in the school.
What I like about Jack C Hays is the enviroment for the students and the teachers as well as parents, but they can improve on safety
Of course like all schools it has its own negatives but overall it's a well performing school. One major issue is scheduling & consistency. In the event of a major test or any other activity that disrupts the normal schedule, the school becomes very disorganized. Specifically for tests, one day they will have us on a certain schedule then the next it will be totally different causing confusion amongst everyone involved. That is the one thing I really want to see change in.
What I love about this school is the overall cultural diversity and relationships that exists in this school. What I would want to see changed is maybe more AP classes in subjects like medicine.
I love this school because we have great spirit, great students, and teachers that truly think you can do well and succeed!
I like to be able to work with other students and being to have the subject in which a want a career in the future.
I enjoyed my time at Hays High School where I was able participate in the marching band and taking many academic AP courses.
smaller classes, th teachers interact and know the kids names, care about the kids and help when needed outside of their subject/ class
For the one year I have been at hays, it has been fun and exciting. I have been able to meet new people and go outside my comfort zone. I am also part of the drill team and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever.
The school is very stressful and there is many problem among the students. For example, many fights have been happening among the freshman this year and there has been many threats that have gone around the school.
The high school has many good people and teachers but there’s also a lot of conflict that doesn’t get delt with as quickly as possible and people who shouldn’t get in trouble do.
High school for many can be 4 trying years but for me high school was 4 good years and I have to say that my time in high school flew by quickly. I found the classes to be manageable, sports to be fun, teachers to be good, etc. I enjoyed my high school experience. I do not have negative opinions of the school in general, the facility and/or faculty. Jack C. Hays High School is a good school and I'm proud to be an alum of Jack C. Hays High School.
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My overall experience as a freshman attending Hays High School has had both positive and negative aspects. The education system in Hays tends to be all over the place and students who work to the best of their abilities agree that many of the teachers do not teach effectively. Keeping students safe and in good condition is enforced by the school, but does not help. Many of the students often skip class or use drugs during the school day and the administration fails to do anything to prevent it. Instead, they are more focused on school spirit and declaring rules that don’t make us any safer as a campus. However, There are nearly three thousand students attending Hays and it is not always the staff members faults for not being able to control every single one of them. Although rules are sometimes not made clear, there are many opportunities at Hays for students to achieve their academic goals and access resources that will allow them to do this independently.
varsity sports are great. The teachers aren't very good. Ive had a few good teachers. My experience at the school has been good so far. I get good Grades and iv'e never been in trouble but some of my colleagues say that the administration is bad. I played Varsity basketball and my experience with the coaches was bad. the coach didn't give me a chance to play at all and prove that i could play.
My favorite thing about hays is the debate team. When I'm with the team, I can state my opinion with people that have the intelligence to understand both sides of the argument or claim. I also enjoy band, considering I am able to travel with friends and play an instrument I love. There are things I think should change regarding the school system itself. One of the, being the dress code. I, personally, don't see how a shoulder can be distracting and cause someone to become unfocused. I can understand how some students may take it too far. However, restricting students on what they can and can't wear based off of mistakes of others isn't fair. I haven't been dress coded, but peers of mine have gotten in trouble for wearing shirts that don't cover their midriff when they raise their hand, given that it's 97 degrees outside. There are good aspects of this school, but the dress code isn't one of them.
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