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I attended Jack Britt for my final year of high school. Though I only spent one year here, I found that it far exceeds any other high school in the greater Fayetteville area. The academics are excellent and they offer a lot of diversity in their courses.
Jack Britt is a good school for academics. The school is the best high school in the county. I like the interaction between the teachers and students.
I liked that at Jack Britt most of the teachers are understanding. Another thing I liked is that a lot of the students/peers are easy to relate to and very kind
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Jack Britt is a very good school. It enforces rules, and they only strive for the best. The teachers are respectful, as well as the students. It'd be an honor to graduate from this school.
Jack Britt is ok. Out of all the schools in Cumberland County, this one is by far the best. Academics are challenging and you will defiantly get a good education, but the school is almost oppressive with its rules. I wish they would lighten up a little because the school could be so much better.
The academics at JBHS are great and so are the range of clubs, activities, and sports. There is something to appeal to just about every interest and career plan out there. If I were to say anything negative about my experience with the school, it would be that while the majority of the staff is friendly, some of the staff tend to expect the worst from students rather than the best. The administration often say one thing is okay at one point and then change their mind later, and rules are enforced sporadically.
Jack Britt is full of various clubs and sports, so no matter what you're interested in there's something for you. The teachers care a lot about your success and do a great job teaching content.
Jack Britt High overall is a great place for college readiness and accumulating knowledge in general. The high school only default is the unprofessionalism sometimes and sense of immaturity sometimes shown by the teachers, for example gossiping about particular students and the reluctant act towards the student that was mention. Great school otherwise.
Jack Britt High School is full of opportunities for everyone. There are so many clubs offered, so everyone can find something that they enjoy. The counselors, teachers, and admins are always available to help. They make sure that you are preparing you for your future after high school, whether it's to go to college, into the military, or to start a job right out of school. For a school that have over 2,000 students, we are a close family. Everyone cheers each other on and they want to see us succeed in everything that they do. Jack Britt is honestly one of the best high schools you can ever go to. Go Buccaneers!!
I enjoyed my time at Jack Britt High School and will always look back fondly on the memories I made but especially with the teachers I had that took a vested interest in my success as a student and developing into a young adult. Outstanding school
My experience with Jack Britt has changed my outlook on high school. Jack Britt is one of many schools in Fayetteville and Is known for high test scores. As a student, personally I feel like I'm more in a middle school setting and not a high school. Strict rules with technology as well enable me to learn in a way that helps me as a student. My opinion might be biased because I came from a better school, but It is clear that Jack Britt can make improvements.
Jack Britt offered many higher level classes and many extracurricular opportunities which allowed me, through my hard work and excellent teachers, to enter my 4-year university a year ahead of schedule.
Jack Britt provides many classes such as honors or AP classes to help students build a better portfolio for applying to college, however many of the teachers aren't motivated in their careers. Much of the administration is also lackluster, treating the welfare and preparedness of students as merely a side effect of their paycheck.
I liked the fact that Jack Britt was a well rounded school, we had sports, clubs, good teachers and more but I didn't give it a full five stores for the fact that the administration acted as if they didn't care for us, only for the way our school is perceived on the outside.
I went to Jack Britt High School freshman and sophomore year. Jack Britt has many restrictions, the use of technology isn’t encouraged at Jack Britt and there is a lot of outdated material still being used in the classroom. If they allowed students to use more technology without threatening to take phones away and have an equal dress code for both genders that they equally enforce, then the school will start making changes for the better. The students need to be treated as upcoming adults, especially the junior and seniors, not as middle schoolers who need to be helped with every single task, as if we can’t follow directions and then carry them out independently. The school also needs to change it’s bathroom rules. Students are only allowed to leave the classroom to go to the restroom twice a semester. Certain students do abuse using the restroom, however the majority shouldn’t have to suffer because of them.
The atmosphere and sense of pride at Jack Britt is probably one of its most redeeming qualities. There are a plethora of students there that are determined to excel at whatever their niche may be. The only bad thing is that the dress code seems to focus more on punishing he females than the males.
At Jack Britt there are a lot of good things, but also bad things. Most of the bad things is not the actual schools fault though. It has a lot to do with the students. A lot of students do drugs and come high to school , but I do think that it is like that with a lot of other schools also. I think that this is the reason that I see a lot of my fellow students failing. Also, there is a lot of bullying but it is seen as joking, but a lot of people take it to heart. I've had a couple of friends that have cried because what people have said to the.
Academically, the school is pretty good, but it all depends on which teacher you get. Some teacher will do anything in the world to help you out. Other teachers will give you the information once and if you get it, then you get it. If you don't get it, then oh well.
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I don't know if there's really anything I don't like about the school itself. The staff are helpful and friendly, the teachers are amazing, and so far they seem to be doing everything possible to make sure the students are prepared to go to college and/or enter the workforce after they leave school. The class sizes are reasonable, and the variety of classes is amazing, in my opinion.
I moved to Jack Britt during my Junior year. I think the curriculum is strong and prepares the students for college.
It's easily one of the top high schools in southeastern NC. It would be even better if resources were allocated to more useful items; a lot of money ends up going to the admittedly mediocre football team. Fine arts receive very little funding and most textbooks are in shambles, but Jack Britt is on its way to become more digitized, removing a lot of the need for said textbooks.
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