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Jac-Cen-Del Middle/High School Reviews

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I love this school because it is small and I really feel like the teachers and administrators care about us, students!
Pretty good. Nothing should be changed. Had a good time here. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Great connection with the teachers and the students.
Jac-Cen-Del High School is a great school. It is a small school located in a small farm town. The class sizes are small and teachers genuinely care about the students. This high school is located in South Eastern Indiana.
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Jac-Cen-Del is amazing. The teachers help you if you need help but are still hard on you. They also care about you.
I loved the atmosphere at all athletic events. Everyone who attended had so much school spirit and it truly made playing sports a blast. I didn't like the lack of enthusiasm towards events that would add fun to a students day.
My experience was really good. I like the art class they had and some of their teacher's there. I would like to see that they got away with the computers their making everyone to use in class. Besides books and paper that we use to have. Then the other thing that I would like to see that changes is that they get a football team.
Great school for a small farming community. Very good teacher to student ratio which provides more individual attention. The school offers different arts and sports for a well rounded education.
Honestly it would s not that bad of a school. The teachers and students make it what it is and that's the best thing about my school. Food isn't great though.
The American Lit. teacher is a great guy who is friendly and approachable,easily connects with students,teaches about interesting topics, and helps students get good grades.
Our school along with its recent brand new addition of classrooms, science labs, outdoor seating, bathrooms, is in great condition. We have access to new miniature lab tops and multiple computer labs. Tutoring is available from all teachers and college prep is available.
Our school is very protected with security systems at all times. Teachers all always available in each area of the school during all passing periods as well as class room times.
We have an incredible cafeteria with a variety of seating as well as an outdoor sitting area. Multiple food options are available as two different main dishes are served, healthy snacks are available at all times, and salads/ sandwiches are always optional.
Our school is a small but loving community of its own. Most students and staff know each other by name. Here, a student is able to receive a great education and become involved with many important relationships with inspiring students and staff.
Our education is valuable and many interesting class options are available.
Despite being such a small school, all staff are very involved/helpful.
Games are an important part of student activities. I am proud to say " GO EAGLES!"
Our food doesn't necessarily taste or look bad, we just don't get enough food to fill ourselves up. the menu is often different from what we get.
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Our dress code is pretty strict. They make you change clothes if they see them as inappropriate. The Vice Principal is always around in the hallways, and does most of the discplining. My biggest complaint would be the bullying issue. They have rules, but there aren't very enforced.
Our school offers more classes this year. I think they need to offer more classes that challenge a kid to take school seriously. The classes offered are all too easy just to get an A in. I think kids need to know what to expect when college time comes, so harder classes need to be relevant. I feel like easy classes give kids the false impression that they are smarter than they actually are.
We have many people in our school who are gay. Some of them are accepted by others, and others aren't. I think it just depends on how open they are about it. Peer pressure is a major issue at JCD. Friends are always following and repeating what their friends do. Race isn't an issue at our school.
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