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From the firs day of 9th grade forward, my teachers have taken a keen interest in me and have always opened the door for me to take part in many different things. My teachers have commended me when doing well, but have given me needed discipline when it was necessary. They don't push their personal ideas on me but rather they work with me according to what I want to do, this is not easy all the time, but they do it anyways.
I have been at Fair from 9th grade to present 12th grade and give it 4 stars because of how many people we have here that don't care but we have a majority who do and actually care about getting Fair out of the bad reputation it has.
Needs more workers who is willing to get motivated to get the students more opportunities in stead of downing them.
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I like how J A Fair cares a lot about us students, and how the principal gives us planty of activity’s for everyone to participate in. He give us so many chances to get our act right when someone get into a fight or argue meant before canceling things. I love how Fair put kids first, and focus on making us become successful. Although, we have so many disrespectful kids the teachers and administrators would still do what ever they can to help that student.
I love my school. We are a family, all the counselors/teachers treat you like theirs, they make sure you stay on track. I've been going there since I was ninth grade and I'm glad to say that I will be graduating from there.
My experience at J.A. Fair was definitely something that prepared me for life, even more than I thought it would. I've been pushed out of my shell from my freshman year, and have grown to me a more social person capable of honing my skills in every aspect of my life.
During my year’s at J.A. Fair I really enjoyed going there and learning new things. My teachers made sure i stayed in top of this and the class I graduated with was very connected and did everything today to this day we are all very much friends. My experience was a very good one.
My experience was great. My favorite class was choir it was so much fun. It help bring my out of my shy stage and gave me a lot of oppurtunities.
J.A Fair High School feels like home and welcoming. My first day at my 9th grade orientation, I felt a nice feeling and that all the teacher were helpful.
Fair was a nice school. there were fights but mainly by underclassmen, if you choose the right crowd then school will be more laid back. I got to know my teachers and they genuinely care about me and their students. My AP Psychology teacher, Mrs. Holley, is probably the main teacher that i will remember. She always helped me out when i forgot an assignment, her class wasn't easy for me, but all the more she helped.
the school is very unsafe this year and i feel as if there is not a lot of administration help or not enough parents involved .
I love J.A. Fair it's the best school ever. I like the diversity of students that Fair has it is just incredible. The clubs and sports are amazing, the coaches are amazing. I love how some of the teachers are determined to make sure we learn something before we go home that day.
Honestly, I'm really glad that I decided to Change to JA Fair High School because I feel at home here now!! All my friends go here, the teachers are polite, the rest of the staff are polite, and I get a pretty dang good education!
J.A. isn’t the best school of the LRSD. It needs improvements, but it’s an O-K school. You’re still getting the education you need.
I've been attending J.A. Fair High School since I started my freshman year. Throughout my years here, I've had great experiences. For example, the academics range from whatever you decide you want to major in. There are various science courses such as physics, biology, and chemistry. There are even math courses such as geometry, algebra, and calculus (pre-AP, calculus AB, and calculus BC). And social study courses such U.S. history and world history. And the teachers help their students to get where they need to be. Toward success, that is. They are responsible for a student's learning development and they do their best. Also, our students are welcoming to any new race. Sports and school activities play a major role. At J.A. Fair High School, there is baseball, swimming, football, track & field, softball, and even bowling. To be honest, others criticize my school. I like it and I've been apart of it since freshman year. As a J.A. Fair War Eagle, I proudly represent my school.
I liked the friendly student enviroment. I would like to see more of a variety of education possibilities.
People judge our school by what they see in social media. But to be honest, we have teachers who wants to see you succeed, teachers who help you with any subject you need help on. If any student needed help in a subject they are failing, the school has an after school program that helps students catch up with their work and catch up in credits, or even get help. The one thing I would like to see a change in J.A. Fair are the class schedules. The 7 period schedule doesn't really help students learn, in my opinion. I believe the 4 block classes were better.
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J.A.Fair has been really fun. The teachers are nice especially my algebra II teacher Mr. Wallace- hands down the funniest teacher ive had in my three years at fair. Most people see our school as a bad school but Fair is actually a good school and alot of us aren't completely stupid, its just a few bad apples. Then there are the sports, we aren't the best, or biggest, but every practice is fun and always bound to make you laugh. I wouldn't go to any other school, i love it here.
When my parents first told me that they were signing me up to go to J.A Fair i was so scared and upset because of all the bad things i have heard about this school. My first day hear i was shy at first but the teachers and students welcomed me hear like i have already attending this school and that was the best part. I made friends fast and the teachers are so helpful and the principal is very nice and hardworking making sure everything and everybody is ok.
I love my school. I feel like the teachers and people I've come to encounter have helped prepare me for college and my career after.
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