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Morton has opened my eyes to many things one of those being options. Being Hispanic in an almost all Hispanic school It gets hard to stand out but,the amazing teachers make it easy for you to find a place to speak your voice.
it's a nice school nice student the teachers helps understanding a lot.
there is clubs&activities there is sport .
Theres plenty of sports available.
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The school has a viarity of foods from grilled chicken to pizza to salads.
It has been the best I had made new friends, have a great bond between my teachers and had opportunity to experience lots of things.
Their are a viarity of sports students can choose from in three convenient seasons, fall winter and spring. The coach and team are really connected and most of the school is present when it comes to home games.
The teachers at this school are really nice and we can surely count on them and with no dough will help.
School policies are often understandable by students because they know it is for our safety. As student we all have a dress code that we must follow by wearing brown pants a maroon district shirt and our school ID's. Bullying in our schoool it is not tolerant at all. And counselors are there but if students don't take advantage of them the counselors wont even bother.
The health and safety policies in our school are pretty good. Our school nurse is always reachable when students are in need. Health programs are available for sudenys to stay healthy and strong. Our safety policies in the other hand are okay yes security does check ID's but no as often and security is often seen just wondering around. We haven't had a security drill of any kind since the beginning of the year which is really odd,
My school district has three different facilities. My facility is the newest, however its is only for freshmen students, once the years ends we have to attend to the older facilities in order t graduate from high school. Because our facility is the newest the condition of the building is pretty good. Counselors guidance inn in our building however if we don't step into the counselor's office the counselor will never come to us. Parent involvement is highly appreciated in this school.
Academics in my school are Okay because we are limited in our college credits. For all for years of high school we cannot pass 22 credits, which is ridiculous because in order to get accepted into a decent college we nee at least 27 credits. Teachers are often encouraging students to work hard because it's hard but no impossible, students can go to college if they try. AP and honors students are offered extra classes in the summer, zero hour (early morning class) or night school however these classes are worth a lot of money and often kids like me cannot offered them.
The extracurricular opportunities at my school are great. There are about 15 different clubs students are often excited to attend these clubs because there a varity of clubs that fit every students needs.The most popular ones are book club, intermirals and adventure club which engage students to do lots and are very fun.
It's great because students are often involved in sports and clubs. Sometimes students have problem manning sports and school work, and often others stay to pick one or the other. Acceptance is often greatly acceptable people know see everyone as different and unique. Most of the school's ethnic/racial diversity is commonly Latino/Hispanic therefore there is no that many challenges between us for the reason that we share the same culture.
There is gpod administration in the building they call parents so they know there isnt school
I mean it should be a sport school i think the gyms and fields all put together are bigger than all districts schools
The food is gross and some kids found mold in a muffin
There are 3 consolers and they actually help out becsuse they tell us what we are going to need to graduate
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I mean the first week everyone is friendly bit them reality strikes
There are so many securities and cameras but yet kids still get drugs and fight without no one noticing
Only a few teachers do theyre job right were the one kid who always fails passes that class because the teacher knows how to teach
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