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J. Sterling Morton East High School Reviews

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This school has changed drastically over the years. From their uniform policy to higher security to better academics. Although their academics are improving and their students give the school pride, they only celebrate those who are doing good in their courses. They seclude those who are not performing well in things like school assemblies and activities. All students should be treated equally.
I really enjoy attending my high school because all of the staff members really care about the students academic, social, and emotional life through our 4 years. The teachers notice if i ever had problems during class and would provide as much help as they could. In school i never felt left out or unsafe. My experience was great because i had the opportunity to participate in sport and help out the community with my peers. Morton East gave me the opportunity to study in an environment where teacher really cared and i will always appreciate that.
Not perfect by any means but a great high school. Is very safe and bully and fighting isn't a normal thing.
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As a graduate of Morton East High School I loved everything about it. The events that happened in school were so fun! The teachers are amazing and the principal so many nice people. Going in thinking it was going to go back due to negative comments about the school I can actually say it was not the case for me at all! I would attend again if I had the choice to pick a high school.
My experience in the school personally was not that great. There were only a small number of teachers who truly had a passion for what they were teaching and really tried to prepare you meanwhile the majority did not care about you or your education! I feel like the school does not prepare you at all for college and it should really try to get students involved within the community and with the school!
The school could use a bit more remodeling but other than that the teachers are amazing and friendly.
It's a decent school to go to. I wouldn't choose to go there but since i grew up around it then i had to go to it. The teachers are very good people and they want to teach you, but the school doesn't feel new or have the funding of others so it lacks in a lot categories. We don't have the same classes as others or the funding for more classes in our schedule. They do prepare you for college but they don't encourage you to the point where everyone who graduates goes to college.
I been a student at Morton East High School for the past three years, i am a senior now and overall i like it. the teachers are really nice they always find a way to help you if you are struggling with something.
I loved how many different course choices there were. I loved the large selection of AP classes they had because they teach the coursework faster and engage you even more. The teachers have worked here for longer than the students have been alive, so they know how to teach us in a way that we actually learn and retain information.
I really love the school and the school spirit I feel that it gets us prepared enough for college and if college isn’t your plan in life it gets you ready for reality and real world connections.
It was a very average high school. Many of the staff were good and they were the best part of the school. It is just the quality of how they teach was bothersome. If the teachers can just find new and interesting ways of teaching, it would make the school better.
My time spent at this school was alright at best. Although, the school strived each year to better its academic programs it always fell short. The school's lack of appropriate use of money made it more difficult to improve the school's readiness for higher education. However, I must say that the teachers truly were passionate about their job and would try their best to prepare their students.
Morton East High School is a great school. They do everything that is in their power to make sure that you succeed and are successful after high school.
Were an okay funded school. I would say 3/4 faculty members really care about the school. I think more emphasis is put into the A.P. classes since those actually reflect in College. I took most A.P. classes and high school and I can say the teachers prepared me moderately. When I would talk to my other classmates about their classes they were very easy in comparison. Most of my electives were easy I'm not sure if it was because they were electives or the teachers were just lazy on grading. Overall I personally enjoyed my experience and the education was there if you really wanted it. However most teenagers just want to have fun so most of my graduating class are doing okay.
Morton east is always open to students in need of help. I love the encouragement and motivation a lot of advisors and teachers. They always want to help us achieve more and become better. They want to prepare us for the future and how to be more professional. Although it's talked bad about at times, overall i believe it's a good school.
I believe Morton makes you feel at home because they try to integrate my roots and my culture by doing many things for example posadas and the teachers are nice to students.
I transferred to Morton East my junior year and I am currently enjoying it. Security, students, and teachers are so incredibly nice. Such as security, always telling students to have a great day and to “Écharle ganas,” which translates to work hard. Many students from Morton East High School are middle/lower class so teachers are always looking out for their students. Such as my AP Lang teacher Mr. Robinson, he purchased hats and gloves for students because winter had approached. Knowing that people are actually looking out for you is great, and it makes my time in high school less stressful.
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Although there facilities are not the best as some schools they really try to push and put focus on the well being of the students.
The school is very large and there is always something new going on, faculty is great and very helpful and understanding. The community is mainly low income, and the school was focused on athletics there was a huge improvement in academics compared to past years, as the recent years the graduation rate has vastly improved.
Most of the teachers go out of their way to help you understand subjects and they give up their time in order to individually help you or by grouping you with other students to have a better understanding.
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