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J. Douglas Adams Middle School Reviews

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The school has an absolute no bullying policy. If they see it going on or even here it from others, they were take measures to understand what actually is happening and will get down to the bottom of it. If students are bullying other students they will receive their rightful punishment whether it be suspension from activities, from school, etc. Our personal safety is very important to the staff at this school. They will not allow us to even use the bathroom without signing out! I mean how much safer could you get. Also, if your parents come to sign you out or give you missing lunch, they have to go to the student office first. We also have on campus police sometimes.The school nurses are always there to help out when a kid gets hurt, whether it be a scrape or cut they are always there. We have an amazing health class provided to us where we learn many important things in life that are absolutely important to know. Yes, at first it could be awkward with boys and girls, but overtime it becomes no big deal. I, myself feel that this school is very safe and I never feel frightened. This school also does regular lock downs, earthquake drills, and fire drills, so that if anything would happen we would know what to do.
There are many different extracurricular opportunities and clubs at the school. Everyone has the opportunity to join if they want too. There are clubs such as cross country, volleyball, soccer, basketball, ASB (leadership), and even parent clubs. Leaders of the clubs at the school want their club members to be fully committed to the club while keeping their grades up as well. If the students of the club fall behind they will be put on probation until their grades rise again. Everyone in the clubs have such a great time learning and growing while making new friends and experiencing new things. I was jealous that I couldn't be in ASB because I was so excited about it, however I was unable to do it, due to transportation complications. However, I am 100% sure that the club was worth it because my classmates we always talking about it.
This school may be considered a long six to seven hours for most students but to me, this school was a great experience. My experience at this school was amazing, we had a lot of spectacular events like school dances, water park field trips, movie nights for honor roll students, and so much more. This school has remarkable teachers and staffs that are always on top of everything. I would absolutely choose this school again if I could do it all over again because when you have amazing teachers and friends to experience all of the same things as you why wouldn't you do it again?
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The teachers at this school are very kind to all of their students and engage with all of them. They provide extra support outside of class to students who need more help. In class, teachers explain lessons so that all students, those struggling and those excelling understand it. The teachers challenge us to do our best and achieve our goals, whether it's at arms' length or high in the clouds. The teachers at Adams Middle School are one of a kind and very hard-working, and deserve the highest of respect.
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