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Izard Co. Cons. High School Reviews

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The community of the school is just overall great. It's a 1A school, so everyone knows everyone. And the music program is amazing. We won't have football until 2020, if I'm correct. But the cougar nation is just one big family.
Great school and great opportunities for students. School provides funds for all activities and academic needs. Great facilities. Great teachers and administration.
It is a great school. This school is very accepting of new students. The school has two ACT Prep classes just for its students each year and that has helped many students score higher on the ACT. Two senior s this year are Distinguished Governor's Scholars with ACT scores of 34 and 32. The school has the only Medical Professions program in the area. Good teachers and a safe environment for students.
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I enjoy the science programs we have here. However, we should have a in class forgin language teacher and less racial discrimination.
It wouldn't be so bad without all of the "healthy" government restrictions. For the crap food the lunch ladies are given to cook with, they do a good job. But baked vomit is still vomit.
The biggest focus is on bullying. There is almost no blatant bullying going on, and if there is, it is dealt with swiftly and without mercy.
The athletic department is the school's extracurricular activity that gets more attention of the administration than anything else.
While there were teachers that plainly couldn't care less about what they were teaching or their students, most of the teachers that I had put in much more work into their lessons and students than they needed to just to see the students succeed.
Most of the extracurricular activities were sports. There was barely any funding for extracurricular activities because of such a strong focus on the athletics, but the student body did the best they could with what they had.
Several of my teachers throughout high school treated our assignments, therefore us, as if we were already college students and challenged us to think about life after high school.
I heard so many good things about ICC which is why I chose it over Melbourne's high school considering I had the choice. I was sorely disappointed. The only reason I gave ICC three stars is because I made wonderful friends and I had four teachers throughout the four years I was there that I actually could count on to help me and other students when needed. First and foremost, this school's problem is it's priorities. Sports were and probably always will be at the forefront of nearly everyone's mind there Which was my biggest issue. Teachers doubled as coaches. Basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf, etc. (surprisingly no football or soccer). One particular teacher comes to mind when talking about this, but I won't mention names; I'll just say that I've never, ever seen a worse teacher than that one. Honestly, I can't tell if it was because he was holding coach responsibilities or if he really was just a bad teacher. They spent god knows how much money on a completely new renovation on a gym and a jumbotron-like screen to display student achievements, though naturally it's primarily focused on sport-related ones (first Quizbowl team in a very long time to get fourth place at state and it was there for one single week). Field trips to educational venues were denied completely because the "budget" wouldn't allow it. Actual school days might as well have been cut short because so many students involved with athletics would be gone, leaving classrooms empty. I really could go on.

The second problem this school has, though my experience with it is significantly less, is it's organization. It's extremely jumbled and chaotic. I can't give examples without being specific, but the authority there in that school is not exactly methodical or coordinated.
Some of the teachers try their hardest, but don't have all of the resources they need. The administraors are WAY out of control, and really need someone from the state to shut them down and hire all new staff. Most of them are only working there because they are related to the superintendent.
There are a few teachers that give certain subjects a bad name. The Band, music, trades, arts are all AMAZING classes and you will actually lean something from actual GOOD teachers.
There are several clubs for students to attend, a lot only attend for the time out of school.
Athletics at this school are pretty amazing, I will say that much, but thats really all the school cares about is their basketball team.
The food was incredible before Mrs.Obama started cutting down lunches. They lunch ladies do EVERYTHING they can with what they have. Some of the sweetest people you'll meet, and everyone loves them.
The administration look for any reason to use their paddles. Some would think "well good those kids need it!". A lot of grown men would cringe being hit with one, i always enjoyed giving them a good laugh and shaking their hand after they where done.
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Growing up in this school, really messed me up. Especially when i got into junior high. I HATED school, I would purposefully skip, just so i wouldn't have to deal with the mental anguish I would receive from staff. I never had a graduation plan, I had a plan to stay as long as i could, and when I turned the legal age, I quit. The administrators think they are some kind of gods. They will act 100% different when speaking with a parent though. They should have all been police officers with the small amount of power they have let go to their kids. NONE of them CARE about student or their well being. If you aren't a "walker" or an "Everette" you aren't anything. Or if you are a starter on the basketball team, you can do whatever. If a ball player was sent to the office, more than likely receive a pat on the back and a laugh. I never realize how EXTREMELY bad this school was until I attended Melbourne High. The atmosphere was completely different. When I was sent to the office, there wasn't any screaming and red faces like I was used to. Just a calm and assertive "why would you do that?". The teacher where OVERLY qualified. Some of the best I've ever had, even now being in collage, they are still the best.

Let's just say, if your kid is a good basketball player, send them to ICC, and they will have the best high school years of their life. If they aren't, expect a overly stressed or even depressed student/high school drop out.
the dress code is ridiculously strict.

the counselor spends more time on drama than she does helping students with scholarships.

the superintendent has his entire family working at the school as a teacher or help staff.

if something is wrong in a classroom, you cant take it to an administrator with out fear of being punished.
The coaches double as teachers which leaves the classrooms at a major disadvantage because, they spend more time on the sport than the subject.
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