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I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with my two boys at Ivy League School. From the academics to the staff, nothing falls short of amazing. My boys are excited to go to school every day and come home ready to share what they've done. The warm, friendly and family-like environment is one that I would never find anywhere else. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking!
Ivy League is an incredible school that i am fortunate enough to have both of my daughters attend. It not only has a fantastic academic program, but the small teacher to student ratio makes the school experience for my children exceptional. Teachers really get to know each child and are able to meet each child's individual
needs and help them to develop into well rounded students. My daughters are growing socially, emotionally and academically each year that passes! When you send your children to Ivy League, you truly become a member of the Ivy League family! There is no school in the area that even compares to the amazing school that Ivy League is!
My school is a great environment and although thee were a couple of set backs there I overall do enjoy my education there .
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This school has a lot to offer for many .
The resources of the school are very good and make it so that everyone learns individually . Parents are usually very involves and the buildings themselves are perfect for learning and are secluded enough for us not to get distracted by nearby highways.
My teachers make the materials different for each student and spend much of their nights finding new ways to teach us. They're the best
Every children is admitted for their capability and are not based on anything else.
There are many different types of extracurricular activities such as ziplining so I really do enjoy my schools extracurriculars .
The nurse is fully equipped with all of the necessary supplies to make sure children are healthy .
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