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Experience was good to just finish & get out, although Ivy High school doesn’t challenge its students.
There are a few sports offered here but soccer is one of the main ones. People are more involved in soccer and show school spirit. The reason why there aren't many sports or classes available is because our school is relatively small. However it is expanding due to more students attending.
The teachers here are the best. They really engage with every student and help them in any way they can. Their lessons are really helpful to many. Their communication with students is really great.
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Here, you don't receive homework but you do receive a lot of work during class. At Ivy we are enrolled in five classes but some students can take six. As school ends at either 1 o'clock or two. The popular class at Ivy is English 12 because it gets you ready for college and really helps you.
The teachers offer help to students interested in college. They help you with scholarship essays, how to fill out the FAFSA application and even invite college representatives to talk with students. The counselor helps students too with informing students about scholarships and grants; working one in one with you. There are also courses online you can take at school or at home. Tutoring is also offered to anybody that's interested. The facilities there are well kept and clean.
In my opinion, this is the best high school I've attended. The teachers, staff, and administrators really care for the students education. They do their part on being great teachers and help their students. The principal really looks out for her students and engages with them. The environment there is really friendly. You can make many friends there who will accept you for who you really are. The school offers help to students who need it or just want to have fun after school with friends. Overall, I believe that this school offers a lot for its students who want to do something with their life and much more.
Everyone at this school is acceptable to any kind of race or sexual orientation. They accept people for who they are and don't judge.
The extracurricular activities are really helpful to students in many ways. They include extra classes anybody needs in order to graduate. There are also activities for students who want to have fun, as well as sports such as soccer.
The administration and policies at this school are the best. Being a continuation school, everyone is on their best behavior and respect each other and the teachers. The principal is very engaged with her students and helps them in any way to graduate. It is a safe school to be at.
The health and safety of this school are taken seriously. The staff and teachers the're want to make sure that everyone is safe and making right choices. They really care for their students.
The food at Ivy is alright. There aren't many options but at least the food will fill you up. But they could use more fruits and vegetables with the lunches.
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