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I had a great experience at Ivy academia. I gained many relationships with my friends and or teachers. I really like the way that the teachers connected with the students and made an effort to have all students pass. The teachers showed care and love towards everyone.
I liked the student-teacher ratio, and how the framework of teaching in business classes is from a realistic perspective. It teaches students the value of communication, collaboration, and consistency.
I liked how ivy was a small school and teachers were able to know everyone and help anyone Indivudually. Everyone knew each other so it made us feel comfortable .
I would like to see a change in the science departament because it's always been a problem with teachers leaving.
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I have been at the school from the 4th grade. I many teachers have left due to funding that the school recieved, not getting paid, or just not having the resources to teach. Though the school tries, its not the best school in the district for LAUSD and Charter system.
My experience at this school so far has not been the greatest but it has its moments. I met some of the most influential people in my life at this school.
Most of the teachers at this school enjoy what they do and do want their students to succeed.
The academics at this school are average considering the smallness of the school. Most of the teachers however are very good at what they do.
The safety precautions of the school go above standard. There are security guards at the entrance and security cameras all around campus
Since the school is very small there are only a few extracurricular activities students can join
Since it is a very small school, it is harder to get everyone involved and enthusiastic during school events. However, the students are nice and the teachers are very knowledgeable when there is one.
Most of the teachers are very knowledgeable and approachable. Since it is a very small school, every student gets attention from their teacher. Overall, they are fair and considerate of students.
The security is okay and the students feel safe to be at school.
There isn't much to do, but the extracurricular activities that are offer are good for the students.
Some of the teachers are great at what they do and some go above and beyond to help out the students.
It okay. not the best. Sometimes the principals don't even listen to our concerns about a teacher or a specific student that ruins the class for everybody. I often have to loose valuable class time from the teacher trying to deal with an unmanageable student.
I tried to participate in every club that was possible but there wasn't much options. I was in national honor society for 4 years straight and that was probably the most prestigious club there. then they started to take all these people who didn't deserve to be in and then the club just lost severe value. it was embarrassing.
Before entered 6th grade, the school was AMAZING. we had so much support and funding for all our activities which was good because we were a business school. after 6th grade, something with our principal happened and our school just went down hill from there. Most of my classmates left the school in 7th grade but we are all together again in high school. this is where I see how undeveloped my skills were compared t them who left the school.
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When I went there, I thought they were great. wen I transferred to high school though, I realized that they have taught me nothing really. My math skills were really poor in my high school even though I had the highest grade in my class at Ivy.
I truly enjoyed attending this school all throughout middle school, however when it came down to high school I did not receive much of a great experience or education. Of course I had a few relatively amazing teachers, but most of the staff did not enjoy their job or their environment and it was obvious. What did make this school unique was their entrepreneurial aspect, and it is because of my experiences at Ivy that encouraged me to major in Management.
There is barely any peer pressure that I have seen but the student spirit is low
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