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Iver C. Ranum Middle School Reviews

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This school is sort of ok. I got bullied for being transgender there. The school forced me to use the womens bathroom. Their 7th grade math teacher should be fired, because all i learned in that class is that he has severe anger issues. There were supporting teachers there.
Student diversity. Friendly and helpful faculty. Passionate teachers and a great campus. Situated in a very easy to get to and well maintained suburb of Denver.

back in MY day, we didn't have the worries that they do now a days. I am a mom of a middle school-er, and the new measures for security, are unbelievable! School was safer when i was younger, we didn't have lock downs or lock outs. School shootings were unheard of.

Columbine happened my freshman year, when we went on lock down, it was the scariest day of my academic career. for this to be a normality now, it just blows my mind!
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There we not many that we could take advantage of.
Stay in school!!!

if I could do it over again, I would have not allowed the peers in my life to pressure my decisions. I would have enjoyed a typical high school education and stayed in school until graduation instead of getting a GED and being quick to join the work world.
When I was in High school (at Ranum that is NOW a middle school) over 12 years ago, The quality of teaching varied from teacher to teacher, There were academic standards that were graded, however some teachers graded on an individual curriculum as apposed to a general curriculum. There was not a lot of consistency. It did create issues with students.
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