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I would wholeheartedly recommend iUniversityPrep as an alternative to brick-and-mortar schools. Teachers are passionate about their subjects, and respond to students' concerns with help. Most students are enthusiastic about doing their best and engaging with the class. The work is difficult, but students can learn at their own pace and receive help. The amount of clubs and events will fulfill any student's social needs. The staff and faculty make preparing for college less stressful, and they have excellent resources and insights about applying to college. I know most people in my grade, because the school population is small. Some students work, some students travel, some students are dedicated athletes, and some students have less busy lives. Accommodations will be made based on the student's life. Love this school and I have school spirit. GO OWLS!
Great Advanced academics program. Excellent Teachers. IUniveersity Prep is and accredited homeschool and has proven to be a leader in helping students achieve trhe educational and career goals. The shool offers rigorous academics, innovative instructors and a collaborative community that offers resources and support to students to create a well-rounded academic experience.
The teachers at this school are great. All are very understanding about some issues I have, and they make everyone feel welcome. You are able to contact them at any time for help, and usually you get a quick response.
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My experience at iUniversity Prep was absolutely AMAZING!!! I am in 8th grader at iUniversity Prep and this is my first year doing online school. This is such an amazing school! The teachers are so nice and sweet. They are very encouraging and want to help. The classes really help with college readiness. You can always contact then whenever and they will help you. They have open office hours where you can go on webcam and talk with them if you need any help. And it's not like you are just reading stuff and no socialization. There are Live Lessons where you go on webcam and you can see the teachers and students. The classes are very flexible so if you have extracurriculars like sports, dance, or acting, you can do class whenever and wherever. I would definitely recommend this school.
Iuniversity Prep allows you to work at your own pace and become motivated for academics. The one on one attention between students and teachers really helps when you're struggling.
iUniversity Prep is an interactive and supportive schooling system. There are a large number of available courses, and teachers are both thorough and helpful in their teaching methods. There are many different extracurricular activities and clubs, such as school-hosted events and trips, that allow students to interact and befriend each other despite the physical distance.
Amazing program. The program staff really care for your education and overall well-being. My only regret is that I didn’t start the program earlier, as it combines a great education with flexibility.
iUniversity Prep is an amazing school for students are wanting to focus on what they do almost full time but while still getting an amazing education from real teachers. They go above and beyond for each student and meets the students individual needs.
We have been very happy with our experience at iUniversity Prep. Our son continues to excel academically at the school. His teachers have been approachable and helpful when needed.
I've been going here two years. This school has really helped me with my grades, and the teachers are anazing.
I recently just switched from a brick and mortar school to this school. Its amazing so far and I've only been enrolled a couple of months. I would recommend this school to anyone who is eager to learn and do great things in life.
At iUniversity Prep, I felt that I learned way more than I would have at a brick & mortar school. Although I never really met any of my teachers in person, they were extremely helpful. If I had a question, they would reply within the next hour. The staff is amazing as well!
Iuniversity prep was perfect for my needs. It allows me to get top level education while also pursuing my dreams in the sport I love.
Because of the virtual nature of the school, many security concerns that brick and mortar schools face are not applicable. However, Grapevine-Collyeville ISD has outlined security improvements in their LEAD 2020 plan that address the concerns of other schools in the district. iUniversity Prep offers health programs and classes to ensure that students are informed about the basics of a healthy and fit lifestyle after middle and high school. I feel very safe going to school, and because of the flexible nature of the academics I can fit more time in for personal nutrition and exercise.
iUniversity offers a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities. There is an online student newspaper called iHoot, a theater club that functions as a radio theater club to adapt to the virtual environment, music club, art club, engineering club, and world cultures club. In addition, there are many social gatherings for the students that at many times supports curriculum. The administration are open to new ideas for clubs, gatherings, and overall improvement of the extracurricular opportunities at the school. There is a place for everyone!
iUniversity Prep is a gem of education, and I feel so honored to have been a part of it. Through this school I have been able to take control of my learning and develop real-world skills such as responsibility, time management, and effective communication. The courses are challenging and the teachers are the icing on the cake. My favorite part of being a member of this school is the sense of unity and curiosity among the student body. Everybody wants to be there, and that makes for a special morale and strong school spirit. If I had to repeat high school and eighth grade all over again, I would attend iUniversity Prep in a heartbeat.
The teachers are devoted, passionate, and engaging. They are incredibly approachable and truly desire success for every student. Their communication in the virtual environment is excellent, and they truly bridge the gap between the distance of online learning by creating meaningful relationships.
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Regular oversees trips are organized and you have a choice if you want togoor not. Starbucks is one of the gatheri g places and I find that the students learn at a young age tobe independant. This school prepares them for college and adult life!
Teachers in the virtual setting seem more relax and have tons more ti e and patience with the students. I think future schooling will all be virtual due to violance in the schools!
Since its a virtual school, children are under the care of their parents.
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