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Attending ITW David Speer Academy ha prepared me to go out into the world and be ready to take on what life throws at me. As a current senior, Speer has guided me through the college readiness process and has made me evolve to a better person. What I enjoyed about Speer is the atmosphere of the classroom and of the students, but also how the classes given are designed to pushed students beyond their limits. What I like to see change in Speer is to advance the creativity of students by adding more arts while also sticking to the STEM focused curriculum.
It's pretty good so far I was a little bit nervous when it was my first day as a freshman but its actually pretty cool!
The first year was tough for most of us, I wasn’t use to tough discipline and consequences. However, getting around wasn’t difficult, getting help was easy and beneficial, and being able to learn and understand material was the best part. Junior & senior year were the hardest for sure. Junior year we were non-stop studying, working, and testing for the ACT and the SAT. I didn’t let my lack of energy/sleep stop me, I performed well and I owe it all to Speer Academy. Senior year wasn’t as great either. We were merely focused on retaking ACT, writing personal statements, and filling out countless applications. There was no time for celebration, breaks, or plain old fun. Speer Academy is extremely disciplined and full of some amazing teachers and staff members, but the school spirit was definitely not there. Regardless though, I graduated and I’m happy that I chose Speer Academy to be student and graduate from.
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I was there since Freshman year and just recently graduated. I think it is safe to say I know my school the best. ITW has amazing teachers, classes, coaches, teams, and leaders. The sports are strong, especially when you have a basketball coach like I did, always pushing me to be the best on and off the court. ITW is the place for students who care for their future and take their education serious. Yes, the school is extremely strict, even for me. I don't consider myself a bad student, In fact I was voted student of the year, my senior year, and even I got in trouble at ITW. ITW is the school where a student can build themselves into a respectful and educated person. ITW is not perfect. There is always that one teacher that ruins the reputation. This may not be the school for everyone. Like I said it’s very strict. It all depends on the person but overall I would say I love that I choose ITW over all my other options. It will always be the place I call home.
ITW had many opportunities to get involved in STEM fields, but since I was really into art and music, it didn't really fit me. I mean, I still did really well in school, but I did not enjoy it as much.
It's not like any other public high school. The high school aims to make the students professional and focus on their STEM majors. It's strict and makes the students wear uniforms.
I am part of the founding class of this great school. Over the course of these 4 school years I have seen many changes and they have always been for the best. Being part of this school was a one of the best choices I have made. The teachers I have had through out the years are simply the BEST! One of the best memories that I will take with me is being part of the Cheer team all 4 years.
I am Currently a student at ITW David Speer Academy. I have been there all 4 years. I will be the first class to graduate from Speer Academy. All the teachers there are excellent and the staff. If it weren’t for ITW I probably would’ve never had a college experience and I wouldn’t of learned about STEM. ITW thought me how to be an organized and professional person. I am so happy to call myself the first class.
I love this school, It's provided me with so many awesome opportunities. I'v been able to grow some life skills as well as academic skills. The teachers there are great they give a lot of help and opportunity to make sure that you understand the topic.
My experience has been very good at ITW David Speer Academy. I like that it challenged me throughout all four years. It caused me grow and develop skills to face challenges. However, I also didn't like that those challenges were hard and stressful, but in the end they helped me. One thing I don't like other than the food is how small the hallway is for a lot of students. It needs to expand. Another thing I like is the teacher. The teachers are fun, but also want to get things done, so if you pay attention and follow their rules then you'll be fine. One last think that I don't like are the rules. Some rules are too childish, but at the same time there are students that are childish. I see why those rules are needed, but I don't like it that it affects me when I don't need those rules.
ITW David Speer Academy is a great school. Although they are a bit strict, I believe that it is necessary. Without that discipline that is offered at this school, students wouldn't get much done. The majority of teachers at this school are amazing!
What I like about Speer is that Norbert only are we a noble school, but we treat each other like family. When I entered Speer (Feshman year) I was surprise by who I became now, I am now one of the top athletes that has been in varsity and gone to state! Speer has changed me in a very well mature way.
What I like about my school, ITW David Speer Academy, is that it's a small community and everyone know each other. There is always teachers available for the students which is always helpful.
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